• Yes, his career and reputation have beed damaged beyond repair

    Especially with the news today that he has been charged with a criminal offense, Cosby's status is irreversibly ruined. Although he might be acquitted of this charge, there are multiple women who have made similar accusations. Cosby made self-incriminating admissions in legal depositions which will mean the end of his career.

  • Assuming he's convicted.

    If he is convicted I think he will be disgraced. It doesn't matter, however. He's already at the end of his years and has lived a life full of wealth and fame. It won't affect him as much as if he were younger and still committing these crimes. It's really too bad he wasn't caught sooner.

  • Regardless of the criminal verdict, the public has already made up their mind.

    While Bill Cosby is only facing formal charges now for an old crime, public opinion has already turned against him. The public is well aware that old crimes are difficult to prosecute. It is possible that Cosby may still be acquitted because it will be difficult to trace evidence and get narratives to prove a case that is nearly 10 years old. After all, this is one of the reasons why the statute of limitations exists in the first place. Having said that, Cosby's reputation has already been compromised. He has lost positions on several boards and had other recognitions and honors revoked. He may or may not see a prison cell, but he certainly will never regain the reputation he once had.

  • I hope it's the end

    It seems that the media can take any male celebrity known as a "family man" and turn his gruesome, unforgivable crimes into forgotten pieces of the past. However, I do think the changing conversation about women's rights and broadening the average person's definition of assault really could impact the future for Cosby. I hope it does.

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