• Yes, this is the end of the goat curse.

    Yes, this is the end of the goat curse because the Cubs won the World Series. They have no more curses to overcome. They can now focus on becoming one of the most dominant franchises of our era. They are not chasing history anymore; they can simply focus on baseball.

  • Yes, In the end, a fantastic baseball game, or an ominous curse, is nothing more than a great story. But a great story, told the right way, can be everything

    Watching a team play bad baseball for decades while you wish they would just win isn't all that joy-inducing. Then again, people who believe the Cubs have not won because of curses, instead of rarely spending enough money on good players or hiring people with the skills to develop the good players within the organization, are not really baseball fans anyway.
    At least the curse of the Bambino has echoes in sound baseball logic. There's a lesson: don't trade away young, transcendent players for cash because the team owner wants to produce a play. By contrast, don't let goats into the ballpark is sound advice.

  • Yes, this is the end of the curse.

    The Chicago Cubs have finally and miraculously taken home another World Series title win after an agonizing 108 years of waiting. The goat curse certainly cannot exist any longer now that the Cubs are world champions! All of Chicago, and even beyond, are rejoicing this exciting moment and the end of the goat curse.

  • The curse is over!!

    The curse has finally ended! As a huge Cubs fan, I don't really buy into curses and such, but I think that this win has broken the seal to make way for many more championships for the Chicago Cubs! I really do believe that Theo Epstein put together a phenomenal group of guys, and they did just what they needed to do to get the win.

  • It is not the end of the god damn goat curse

    I sexually identify as a cubs fan and ever since i was a boy, i have been visited daily by a goat in the night. Now they have won the world series, two goats came. I wonder if the goat curse willl be a really cool thing? :DDDDD :D :D

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