Is this the end of the Rockefeller political dynasty?

  • For all intents and purposes.

    The Rockefeller political dynasty is finally over indeed. For the first time in uncounted years, no Rockefeller resides in a high office. While some may argue about the family's influence overall, lack of actual participation will end it, sooner than later. As some have said, the world is becoming too polarized for some that are moderates.

  • Yes, sadly

    I think the end is here. Rockefeller was the true definition of a moderate liberal with his concern for education and families, but he also held some hard republican lines when necessary. Now the world seems to be too polarized for his world, its either republican, democrat or you are screwed.

  • Yes, retroactively.

    Yes, this is the end of the Rockefeller dynasty. To me, though a liberal, Nelson Rockefeller's dynasty ended with his demise. He was a tried and true republican, but he cared about education, and he created an incredible higher education system. I have yet to see another Rockefeller (synonymous with "privileged person") care or do as much. Regrettably.

  • No, I don't think this is the end.

    The name Rockefeller is synonymous with power in America. While it's true there won't be anyone in high office with the name Rockefeller, the family's political influence will still be present. Also, I don't really believe Justin Rockefeller when he says he has no plans to run for office. I think he will likely change his mind and run at a future date.

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