Is this the most corrupt Parliament in UK history?

  • We have an unelected person sitting in the high chair who used the public money to bribe another party to keep her in..

    Continued ..And yet our NHS is failing that is not right these politicians should be working for us the People not for there own ends of retaining Power...And the people decided that they didn't want them in power yet they went against us all....No safety for the Tax payers money remembering that none of these thieves pay there's/////////

  • Brexit opinion has turned but yet they press ahead

    All the news and reports from independent sources point to disaster, the government has made no headway of any meaning in almost a year, living conditions have reduced, everything has gone up in price, and according to yougov, opinion has turned. Why is Parliament allowing the middle aged eurosceptics of the conservative party drag the UK on this path when they know the majority has evaported and it is all to the detriment of the country

  • The NHS is being stripped away secretly. We have lost the Postal Service. There's rumours of a massive pedophile cover up in Parliament

    These Privatisations have been proven to do more harm than good to the consumer when we have oligarchies working in collusion. Private Interest groups are directing Politicians to work for their benefit for bribes. This is ALWAYS against the interests of the Citizens of the UK. There's 38 Billion Estimated Tax Avoidance compared to 3 Billion in Fraud from Benefit Cheats. But our politicians are being paid off to make sure these corporations don't have to pay. Screwing over the masses again. Zero Bankers have been jailed for the 2008 Financial Collapse, unlike Iceland.

  • It's been worse.

    As others have stated, technology today makes everything people do visible to the public. Nowadays, people can find out everything there is to know about a person simply by logging onto the Internet and performing a search. The Internet hasn't always been around, and leaders have always had some type of scandal during their time in power. The only difference is that with technology today, the people are more likely to find out about it.

  • The internet and modern media simply make every transgression visible.

    For most of history, news and information was slow and not readily available to the public. Only recently is the public able to access information to the extent that we are today, and that makes recent political parties and government entities SEEM more corrupt without actually being so. Likely, previous parliaments were much more corrupt, knowing that the public would largely be unaware of the shenanigans.

  • No, There Have Been Other Things Worse

    The John Major administration before Tony Blair had a lot of sleaze, and a lot of it in high ranking cabinet posts. By sleaze, a lot of it were sexual things that really caught the eye of the viscous British tabloid press. It got so bad, Major had to fire them.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No it is just a product of the times.

    Dating back all the way to around 1890 there have been massive corruptions in the UK Parliament. The problem is that I am sure many of them were never discovered. Now, in 2013, with technology and the need for transparency it is nearly impossible to hide a scandal. Tony Blair is running a tight ship.

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