• Omg yes yes yes

    I’ve always wanted to bang a trans person like this because she’s so hot. Really wanna do her in the ass and bang her so hard we rock it in bed. I wanna go all the way with this woman her beard won’t be enough to drive me away due to how hot she is

  • No! That is so stereotypical!

    A man pretending to be a women. And not in a nice, Fun way. Just like whites used to dress up as blacks and make fun of them, This is a joke played by this horrendous man. He is obviously wearing a wig. And even if they were trans, They are not hot by portraying typical female stereotypes. Dress, Nails, Hair, Ect. And they are just plain creepy.

  • Creepy dress up

    To be honest, No that person doesn't look hot. They look really scary and Silence of the Lambs. Whoever asked this question has got very strange ideas about what the word "hot" means. I'm not against cross dressers, And some look gorgeous and have charm, But that individual in the photo lacks this. I get weird vibes coming from the photo.

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