• Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaap. Better believe it.

    This used to be a good site. I used to see Nazis debating stuff in a respectable manner with liberals who were equally respectful. Now a bunch of liberals have entered the site who are entirely incompetent of others beliefs. Not saying they all are, but most of the leftist (and a few rightist) ones are entirely intolerant. You used to see the most taboo beliefs on here like fascists and racists and communists and authoritarians on here. Now adays if it's not "progressive" than everyone is like "ANYONE WHO DISAGREES IS A FUCKING FASCIST AND DESERVES TO DIE AND BURN IN HELL WHICH I DONT BELIEVE IN CUZ RELIGION IS INTOLERANT AND ALL RELIGIONS SHOULD DIE UNLESS THEYRE MUSLIM!!!". It's honestly the biggest load of carp I've ever heard. If your anti men or pro choice or a black supremacist than that's perfectly fine, but if you believe a woman should stay home and work or are pro life or believe in white supremacy than you're evil. What ever happened to the days when it wasn't so one sided and people with opposite beliefs could debate civilly (at least for the most part)?

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  • This is a good site

    I use this site a lot for my debate case notes. It is very important and I don't think that it is dying. I don't think that Nazis debating on this site in the past is a good thing. Right now, there is an equal balance of opinions.
    However, I think the moderators should stop approving things with random letters, like the second one on the Yes side!

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