Is this whole website, Nay, This whole existence one big meme?

  • Lotta memes today.

    I see more troll debates and troll posts meant to destroy my hope in humanity than real opinions. Thus, It appears the entire website, Humanity, And nature itself, Is one big meme. Fight me.
    Change my mind. I'm never wrong. I'm trying to finish off this stupid word cap. Gimme a sec. . . Just one more. . . BINGO

  • Nah, Existence isn't a meme.

    A meme is a idea, Behavior, Or style that becomes a fad and spread by means of imitation. " That is the definition at least, But considering what we deem as meme's, It is fairly accurate. Replication certainly. But, I would argue that existence is fair to random and chaotic to be deemed a mean. One can't even say that they live for the "meme" based on our view of it. One could say that I live, Though only because of a random chance meeting between to separate beings. One could say that they were born, But they live only for the sake of saving their loved ones the burden of loss. One could say, I live because I enjoy it, Who's to say I shouldn't. But, Replication is not something you'll find in this chaotic universe. Imitation is only a shallow human response to social, It's barely contact. Yet, Our memes will still have no prevalence, Because existence for us will end one day, And the universe will move on.

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