• Sometimes I think drop outs are on the rise even more

    Today I read something about how "Scotland should look for Scandinavian style model when independence is gained." It's time for me to say the Carlin line once again: "Some people are really f--king stupid." Scotland has NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in common with Scandinavia. England does however, and with some surnames I'm seeing (such as Tupper, which originated in Saxony) I'm starting to think the old claim that England does indeed have Anglo-Saxon blood in some cases. Anyways England has a lot in common. They would know since both them and Denmark have a violent brutal history of imperialism and empire-building.

  • Very Sad Generation

    I know a kid that was in high school that said 2 times 0 was 2... Now that's sad. Kids that are spending all their time in front of a tv or something of that sort is basically being brain washed. Its just a waste of time a lot, and its only through exploring and finding stuff to learn, in books, the outside, and just fun creative activities. Because not will they only learn of the world through exercise and creativity, but it will give them the exercise they need.

  • The world needs help!

    I think this world is not thinking anymore. Just following a trendy current that you flow with the influence of this world. Everything is about me, myself and I. Get more stuff, because that's happiness. Buy , buy, buy and become materialist and then realize it doesn't love you back. Then turn to drugs cause you can't take it anymore. The teens are getting more violent. Just think of the 'one hit on the head game' How stupid can this be. And it's free violence. No reason for doing it, not even stealing. There alot that come to my mind, but it would mean too many words. The decent ones are a minority. There must be some evil spirit dominating the world....

  • IQ tests prove it wrong

    In 1910, the average IQ in America was estimated to be around 70-80, while today the average IQ is about 100, this shows that Americas intelligence is gradually increasing. The worlds intelligence is increasing because of better educational services (learning builds intelligence,knowledge etc) and better nutrition for brain cognitive development. This is known as the flynn effect.

  • This world is getting smarter

    Generations build on knowledge of past generations... This is like common sense dude stop posting such sh*tty opinion questions that even a 4 year old can ask. It's like 'is the chicken coming to beef?' erm no dude, just no. Motherf*cking no. I need 50 damn words so here they are.

  • No, they're just networking now.

    The idea that we're experiencing an influx of idiots into the world is in itself stupid. The dumb ones have always existed among us, the difference is that before the Internet they were more isolated in their stupidity. Now they have access to a global network and a vast array of knowledge, but they just use it to converse with each other and affirm their stupidity. This makes the stupidity more visible, making it seem like there's more.

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