Is tidal energy a cost-efficient source of alternative energy?

  • Tidal Energy is a very good bet.

    Tidal energy is more reliable than wind and works for longer than solar.
    Tides will not stop, Whilst wind might. Tidal energy works during the night as well, There are also other, More efficient ways of tidal energy being discovered and tested right now. Tidal energy has shown its worth, So with a little more effort, It could be more effective than wind energy.

  • Yes it is

    I believe tidal energy is a cost effcient source cause ya it mayeb be big bucks from the big bois at the start but it will be more beneficvial in the long run. AND OH GOSH I BROKE THE CAPS LOCKL RIP RIP RIP KMS BUT YES DO IT FULL SENDER BRO

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  • Yeah it is

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  • Yes. It is.

    Consistent Power - Tides move constantly throughout the day, which provides a consistent stream of electricity generation capacity.

    Pollution-Free - By taking advantage of only the tide, tidal power creates no greenhouse gas emissions or water pollutants.

    Low Operating Costs - Once installed there are few ongoing operating costs or labor costs, unless there is a device breakdown.

    Renewable - No material resources are used or changed in the production of tidal power, making it a truly renewable power form.

    Minimal Visual Impact - Tidal power devices are fully or nearly completely submerged in water well offshore. This reduces the “damaging of water views” that has been associated with offshore wind turbines.

    Efficient - Tidal Power converts roughly 80% of the kinetic energy into electricity, as opposed to coal and oil which convert only 30% of the energy held within.

    Locations - There are numerous locations for tidal power around the world. Other websites online have this number at 40, however the coast of British Columbia, Canada has 89 alone.

  • Yes It Is

    Having Tidal Energy is a cost-efficient source of energy as it will not run out for a very long time. The ocean will stay on earth for quite a long time, therefore the waves that are produced will create energy. Although if it happens, they should not go overboard with generators.

  • Its free energy source.

    This energy last forever. The long term benefits economically and environmentally is the way of the future and it out weighs the initial capital investment. Technology in renewable energy on tidal generated power continues to develop into more efficient and effective process of generating electricity. Harnessing tidal energy can only improve the standard of living and the environment.

  • It's cost effective AND environmentally friendly!

    Tidal energy is cost effective as you don't need power to run it and the maintenance cost is very low. Meaning you could open up more jobs and still make a big profit from it. It doesn't harm marine wild life at all! It's safe, even ancient civilisations used it. The ocean is very big and there are a lot of waves. Yes, it doesn't work in some places. But in other places there are a lot of tides!

  • Best energy source

    Although tidal energy sources may cost a lot to set up, it is a highly renewable source of energy that will ensure a future for the human race. Solar energy is a popular source of energy but it doesn't produce energy all of the time. Because it uses light energy [from the sun], at night it doesn't produce energy. Tidal energy uses the gravity from the moon and the sun and so it is able to produce energy during the day and during the night.

  • It is not.

    It is very expensive compared to wind power, wind power is a very reliable source whilst water is not. What if we run out of water? Wind power is much more cost efficent since it shall always be here to use for us. Wind power also is less expensive and uses 16% of the world's energy source.

  • Fantasy

    Though massive fish blenders is an amusing idea, we are probably talking even more massive metal parts. Being destroyed by saltwater. And beaten around by hurricanes. And soda can plastic ring things. Probably deep underwater where it is hard and expensive to get to. With turbines that dont turn that well because waves go back and forth, unlike the flow of a river. Stick with what is some research, but let economics drive a shift to such alternative sources, otherwise you will be spending extra energy to force a product into use than you would using sources we have, and that is the opposite of efficiency.

  • I disagree that tidal energy is a cost-efficient source of alternative energy, because it is too expensive to measure its usefulness.

    Tidal energy would not be a good source of alternate energy, because it is too expensive to use this source, at the moment. Tidal energy lacks popularity, in contrast to its electrical and solar energy competitors, and little is known about its reliability. As an alternate source, being reliable may not be a priority. But, just like other energy sources, research is a continual part of energy development. For tidal energy, this means that a substantial amount of research would need to be done, in order for it to be introduced into mass markets. Currently, it would cost more to supply it, due to the high demands for alternative energy.

    Posted by: SteepSanto68
  • No, because its effectiveness is yet to be proved.

    Tidal energy is not very well-known to most. It's effectiveness, on a wide scale, is yet to be seen. While tidal energy may have promise, at this point in time, it cannot be called a source of alternative energy. Perhaps, with more time and more research, it can become a cost-effective source of energy.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Tidal energy is not a cost-efficient source of alternative energy, because it is not reliable.

    Tidal energy, in theory, is great, because it uses a natural renewable resource. However, the tides are in constant flux, meaning our source of energy would be in constant flux, and stability is what we need in a reliable, cost-efficient source of alternative energy. We need something that is cheap, saves money, and can easily be used for long periods of time.

    Posted by: CompleteJerrod
  • No, it is not cost-effective, and it can be harmful to the environment.

    The cost of tidal energy is said to be around $15 billion. This is a large amount of money to spend on one particular thing. Especially since, like renewable resources, once one country succeeds in tidal energy, another will try to create tidal energy more efficiently, creating more competition. So, I personally think it's to expensive to risk it.

    Posted by: WiryNicholas79
  • Tidal energy is not a cost-efficient source of alternative energy because it is not proved yet to be successful.

    Tidal energy is not a cost-efficient source of alternative energy because it is not proved yet to be successful. The technology required for tidal energy testing and utilization is very new yet and is an expensive method of energy. Another reason that tidal energy is not practical on a large scale is that it's limited to only certain geographical locations. I would also have reservations without knowing if it could possible harm marine life. There is a lot of research that needs yet to be done on tidal energy as a real viable source.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • Tidal energy is a form of hydropower that can produce alternative energy but it is not cost-efficient.

    Tidal energy is not currently widely used because of the high start-up costs and low return on investment. Because it can take many years before a profit is generated, investors are weary to get involved with these types of projects, even if it would benefit the environment.

    Posted by: D35General

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