• Yes, tiger parenting produces certain results.

    Effectiveness has to be judged against the results desired. Many who practice tiger parenting are only interested in the result of a very driven and successful student who will achieve success and wealth later on. That gets done this way. However, you might not have the result of a happy and well balanced child who can think on his or her own.

  • Tiger parenting effective

    Tiger parenting in which children are pressured academically and allowed little if any of a social life doesn't produce high-achieving children, a study says. Tiger parenting is very affective because it helps the children and make them understand that they have more than just their parents on their side and they are not alone.

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  • Absolutely Not ! After reading the "yes" comments, my disappointment level increases.

    I understand that these "tiger parents" love their children and want what is best for them. But what these parents don't realize is, they don't know better. While they constantly make mistakes the child is spiraling deeper in depression and failure in life. My opinion is, it's sad that many people still support and practice tiger parenting, and this is considered a form of bullying.

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