• Sports life is different from personal life.

    The different answers you will find from going on to ESPN are incredible vs the ones on Peoples magazine. In perspectives of a sports model he is an amazing man winning god knows how many trophies and always persevering. In his social life however it is quite the contrary... When people look up to him however, they usually say something the along to lines of "I want to be a good athlete like Tiger Woods" usually not "I want to cheat on my wife like Tiger Woods"

  • Sure, as a golf roll model.

    Who said his personal life has to be scrutinized? He plays a game. He has done more for that game than about any player in my lifetime. That he has a personal life, and at times his personal life has been problematic is his own concern, not mine or yours.

    Posted by: TBR
  • He is a terrible role model.

    A serial cheater, cheating on his wife with over a dozen women, sleeping with and spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes, driving his car when under the influence of drugs and/or drink, putting the lives of innocent people at risk, smashing into a tree, a fire hydrant, and hedges, Treating Tiger Woods as a role model would be like treating a lude filled Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall street as a role model; nearly all of his advertising contracts were terminated,

    He is quite obviously a terrible model.

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