• Yes, Tigers Woods deserves privacy.

    I think that just because Tiger Woods is a famous golf player and public figure, he should still deserve to have some type of privacy in his life. I do not think that it is fair to think that somebody like him should not be able to live a life without some photographers chasing him at all times.

  • Public figures hounded

    Public figures are always hounded and people really love scandal. Tiger Woods, somebody who was unique both because he was the best there has been in a sport and for being a mixed race person playing a mostly white sport, has been in the public eye since his early 20s, and he needs more privacy.

  • His endorsements open him up to scrutiny.

    All sporting stars deserve a level of privacy. However, Tiger Woods, through sponsorship and endorsements, has made himself to be something of a role model. This opens him up to more scrutiny of his private life, and his privacy does not extend to covering things that could affect his position in these cases.

  • No not really

    Tiger Woods like many other celebrities don't necessarily get the same rights as private citizens do get. They get paid much more than the regular person in the United States of America to deal in part with things of this nature so they should have to get use to it.

  • No they put themselves in the position

    A public figure who makes a lot of money as a result of his public figure does not have the same right to privacy as everyone else. They knowingly put themselves in a situation where there privacy is going to be limited. They have some rights to privacy but not full rights to privacy.

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