• People like celebrity gossip

    People like to read celebrity gossip. Tiger having a missing tooth is newsworthy because he is so very rich, there shouldn't be an issue about him getting an appointment as soon as possible with his dentist to get a tooth implant. The speculation of how he got a missing tooth is going too far.

  • He is a public figure.

    With Tiger Woods having a history of domestic violence with his ex-wife, his missing tooth is newsworthy. We all have to wonder if his agent is telling the truth as to how he got that way. You would think the responsible photographer could come forward and verify that that is how it has happen. Until that person comes forward, I am not sure I believe it.

  • I'm tired of hearing it.

    We are really scraping the bottom of the news barrel when we start showing Tiger Woods' missing tooth. That is insane but I guess we got so used to bashing him in the last major news cycle that seeing the poor slob with a missing tooth is a big deal. The clowns who write this stuff should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Tiger Woods missing a tooth is simply not a newsworthy event.

    Famed, disgraced and fallen pro golfer Tiger Woods is back in the news again, this time over a missing tooth. This is not newsworthy when there are atrocities taking place throughout the world that are not being covered. How any serious media outlet can claim Wood's missing tooth ins newsworthy is a mystery.

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Reeseroni says2015-01-21T00:23:05.647
bravenewworld says2015-01-21T02:05:57.027
The better question may be.. Is any sport really news worthy?