• Yes, I believe Tiger Wood would always rank among elite golfers.

    I believe Tiger Woods is still an elite golfer because he has established his legacy with his performance. I refuse to believe that once someone earns the elite rank he or she can be just cast back to inferior ranks in bad times. It would fail to do justice to his accomplishments. Tiger Woods is and shall, in my opinion, always remain an elite golfer.

  • Yes he is an elite golfer.

    yes he is a great golfer, always has been always will be. I do not agree with what he did in his personal life at all but I do not think that makes him any less of a a man yes but as a golfer no. He is one of the greatest golfers, just has some personal problems.

  • Yes, I believe he is.

    I think even though he hasn't won a tournament in forever and has had to pull out of many because of his back, I still think he's a great golfer. I think we hold athletes to extremley high standards and if we met him at our local golf course he would still play like a champion

  • Tiger Woods is Washed Up

    Unfortuantely, Tiger Woods' performance on the green has declined over the past few years. He was the greatest active golfer in the world for years, but he's now washed up as a player. He's no longer an elite golfer and struggles far more often than he succeeds with the golf clubs.

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