• Lowest AVERAGE scores; dominance at a time with a 'deeper' field of players; closing the gap of most total PGA events won in career.

    Lowest non-adjusted Vardon Trophy scoring average: 68.17 - Tiger Woods, 2000 (adjusted score is 67.79 - Tiger Woods, 2000.)
    Jack Nicklaus himself admitted that there are much more top players in today's world than in the past.
    Tiger has surpassed The Golden Bear in number of PGA Tour wins: 76 to 73 (as of 11 Mar 2013.) The only golfer with more is Sam Snead with 82. Seven more to go, Tiger! I believe he will beat that record. I only hope that he can win five more majors (one at age 47 would be nice) to completely destroy any argument that Jack Nicklaus was the better golfer.

  • Tiger Woods is Best

    Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the entire world. He has broken more records than any other golfer. He has won more majors than anybody in the modern era. Furthermore, Tiger became an icon for the game of golf, receiving millions of dollars in endorsement deals. Tiger Woods is an ambassador of golf.

  • No One Dominated for So Long

    The 10-year reign of Tiger Woods over professional golf was astounding. Even though the prolific golfer's game has been off for the past three years, in the overall history of the game there may be no one better. In terms of winnings and financial success, Woods is the best golfer in the world. Until someone else comes to do what he did, Tiger will always be number one in modern golf history.

  • Winning percentage

    He simply wins more against a significantly deeper field. Why add anything to that? What part of that statement is debatable? This whole Nicklaus played week in/week out against "elite" players is baseless.. if Jack dominated like Tiger did, Palmer, Trevino, Player and Watson simply would have won less majors. (Els had 3 second place finishes out of four consecutive majors!) To compare numbers 25-50 in the world today compared to Jack's era is comical. Guys in this group routinely win majors Jack's era...? No offense are unquestionably the best "Champion" ever, but that term incorporates many traits that are not about actually hitting the shots!

  • Played the Best, won the Most and holds the Most Records

    Every success and failure in golf is based on stroke average. Golfers know each other by their handicap indices, respectively. Tiger is the ONLY professional golfer in the 100 years of the PGA with an adjusted career scoring average below 70. Tiger's career golfing DNA is 68.72 when he won his 79th event in 2013 at age 37. Golfers cannot be ranked by the number of Majors won. That puts John Daly above many golfers that are in the HOF. Ranking golfers by Majors won is like math that doesn't add up. Golfers can be best ranked by their career scoring averages. Tiger is #1 in career scoring, winning % and total wins. By comparison, Nicklaus is #5 in scoring, #5 in win%, and #3 in PGA wins.

  • Revolutionized golf forever

    Tiger woods is without a doubt the best golfer ever. Look at his entire career. He has been under a microscope his entire life. I understand the bad things that have occurred in his life, but hey I'm sure if everyone was put under a microscope we would all have some bad things about us come out. His performance as a golfer is unparalleled, not only that but the way he has handled himself his whole career is phenomenal. He is the reason people watch golf on Sunday's (or the majority of people). Even Jack said he is the best. You don't hear Michael Jordan saying lebron is the best. Jack is a competitor so for him to admit that should be enough evidence that tiger is the GOAT.

  • Even better under pressure

    There is no other athlete who performs under pressure like Tiger. No other athlete who exceeded expectations like Tiger. Only 14 majors but he would have won 20+ under different circumstances. Plays the world as opposed to Ohio Fats. Being colored just adds another dimension. Changed golf forever. Jack should concede and be a man.

  • Hell Yeah boy

    Tiger is a pro golfer in today's game, which is by far better than the game played before. He has better tools at his disposal which allows him to perform better. Tiger is also a few major wins short of Nicklaus, which he will procure by the end of his career.

  • If someone doesn't know gulf but they know Tiger Woods.

    Out of his personal life I think Tiger Woods is best golfer ever. He has been playing for so many years and have always played best. Some of the other best golfers look up to him as their Idol. Not to mention his products on the markets also makes him that guy.

  • Tiger would dominate Jack

    Tiger in his prime would dominate Jack in his prime. Jack's competition when he won those 14 majors was no where close to the competition Tiger faces today. Tiger's scoring average blows Jack's out of the water, as does his percent wins to tournaments entered. Tiger transformed the sport in ways Jack never could and is not only the most famous golfer of all time, but one of the most famous athletes of all time perhaps behind Michael Jordan.

  • No... Jack # 1

    Cry baby, foul mouthed, temper tantrums, doped up, terrible for the image of the PGA. And this is not even taking into account his lack of moral compass in personal life..Yes I know I will be called a racist, Alas the stats speak for themselves.... Jack is the best ever.

  • PED user without doubt

    Drugs Cheat is what he is and no more than that. If Sir Jack Nicklaus had taken PEDS then he would have won even more majors than what he did. All in all Tiger Woods is the Lance Armstrong of golf, as can now be seen by the fact that his body is broken

  • No such thing

    Tiger is good enough to be mentioned along with Jack and Jack was good enough to be mentioned alongside Bobby Jones. You can't do better than that. As for the deep fields of today. From 1997 to 2013 41 men won majors but 38 women won accepted majors in women's golf. To be consistent you'd have to argue that women's golf is almost as deep as mens and I don't think it is. In the 17 years from 1980 to 1996 42 men won majors. Does that mean fields were slightly deeper before tiger arrived? From 2003 to 2013 Federer's era, only 10 men won grand slam titles but 17 women won during the same time. To be consistent you'd have to argue that there are nearly twice as many women playing tennis as men. Jack is the greatest champion but greatest golfer is subjective, it's just voting for your favourite golfer.

  • No, Ben Hogan.

    Ben Hogan.
    Was nearly killed in a car accident and came back to win multiple majors.
    Went the The Open once, won, never returned.
    Did not have as many chances to play in majors. Majors were cancelled during WW2 so he didn't have those chances. Also PGA and Open were played at the same time in some years, so could only play one or the other.
    If he had as many chances to play in majors as Tiger and Jack did, he would have surpassed them.

  • Not yet

    Tiger Woods has had a long and prolific career. However, he has had his downs as well as his ups. He is a great golfer, and certainly would be in the running for one of the best ever. I just don't think that he deserves to be held up as the singular best golfer ever.

  • No

    Not yet, He is a very good golfer and could very well be on his way to being the best golfer of all time, but as of right now he does not have as many majors as Jack Nicklaus. When he does he could be considered that way. His personal life should not have anything to do with how good of a golfer he is.

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