• No time is not wasted

    We need to learn life skill example - if your button has came out of your shirt you will have sew it again at that time you will have to know how to do it or else your family members and friends will laugh at you . We should have time for declamation . We should have time extra curricular activities like debate; song competitions, sports , leadership quality etc

  • Yes goood topic

    Studying make our life change.It is needed for everyone to study but everyone should utilise the time .Some people bother now also ex:after they are married some women feel that they have wasted their childhood time by only playing ,eating ,cleaning the house .Now the world has developed and almost people now are studied and have good knolwedge and earn money.If they see the good educated peoples life they feel like jealous and cry .

  • No, it expands your knowlege for important requirements.

    Studying helps you get a better job. It helps you socially, mentally. For example, this site involves a lot of knowlege. For example, education, history, politics e.C.T.

    Know let's look at jobs. Almost every job includes ICT, and computers. Maths and English are the foundation of many study's. Geograthy allows you to know the area you are going to.

    Now you know(if you didn't allready) the importance of studying.

  • Of Course Not!

    It is vital to not only take notes on the information being presented to you, but to additonally repeat it a few times to make sure the facts are engraved in your brain. When things are repeated a few times in your brain, you are much more likely to rmemeber exactly what you are required to remember for the upcoming exam and possibly more. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry in every circumstance, and school subjects are included in that. When you are aware of what you are up against, you are more than able to make sure you can at least pass the test or do well on the topic at hand. Studying is never a bad idea.

  • Not At All

    Studying is quite important, both in the academic arena and otherwise. Not only will studying help a student to learn the material they will need to know for academic exams, it will also teach them how to study, so that they will be able to become effective members of the workforce.

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TheRealistRepublican says2013-07-01T18:11:24.590
It all depends on how studying benefits you yourself. If you feel that you don't gain any extra experience or knowledge out of studying, it may be a waste of time to you. I would like to quote a saying I read in Fallout: New Vegas. "Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time."