Is Times New Roman really an arrogant and pompous font?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Times New Roman is overused and arrogant

    Times New Roman is the "go to" font for basically any paper or resume etc, and so it has become way overused. Any time I see Times New Roman I think "this person wants to look professional but does not know anything that's not mainstream as evident through their font choice." In addition, it is way too old for the current 21st century. We have come further than this and must use modern fonts. Times New Roman is also bad for your eyes. The excess details on the ends of letters create more strain for your eyes and thus is harder to read.

  • Actually the Nordic/Anglo-Saxon "Friends" font is way more arrogant

    I honestly have never sensed any arrogance or all-assuming feel to the "Seinfeld" font. It never has reminded me of hatred of tomboys and hatred of autistics. "Friends" font did that on the other hand./ There's an arrogance in the font that kinda insults certain people with brains. I never found that logo pleasant. I can see why the Normans in 1066 would not like s--t like that.
    F--k that show.
    "Friends" font comes off in a preachy and pompous way.

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