Is Titanfall better than call of duty advanced warfare?

Asked by: deathwish188
  • Titanfall wins easy!!!!?

    Yes, its more entertaining in every way, maps are ALOT bigger, Use of the titan if we wish, better weapons. The only thing lagging is a decent campaign but believe me the fast paced MP makes up for this, Cant wait for Titanfall 2. Im a COD fan but this blows AW out of the water in my opinion.

  • It's not better

    I am personally a Battlefield fan, but Call of duty AW was ok. The exo suits were a pain but titanfall is too futuristic. Giant robots are not needed. You should earn the suit, not get it randomly. Also there are no killcams which means you can't learn from your death.

  • Both suck .

    I'll just drop the mic here. Both of the two games sucks. Titanfall was an overhyped, underwhelming game. AW is the exact same as any CoD game but with exoskeletons taken from Titanfall. So in conclusion, both games are a terribly generic FPSs that both are incredibly boring and take no skill. I hope everyone can discover the greatness of the Counter Strike series.

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