• It is only fair that all of us get equal opportunities

    Think of how the girls and women feel seeing boys and men making all the money *in higher salaries*. Maybe we should give them a chance. Think if it was the other way around? Think twice before you discriminate other people. This may improve team sports for college football teams.

  • It's government funding.

    Yes, Title IX is necessary for college football, because it is the government's money. Since it is tax payer dollars, it would be sexist to allow it to be used for men much more than for women. Women should have just as many chances. Since the schools won't do it on their own, they need Title IX.

  • Yes, I think so.

    When it comes to gender, topics can and will get very touchy when they are discussed. But I do think it is necessary for college football. I think almost every physical, contact sport should be separated by gender. I know it's an unpopular opinion, and I mean no harm, but it's my stance.

  • College Football's Profitability makes it a different beast

    College football is the cash crop sport for many colleges especially in the Big 10, Big 12, and SEC, and since most other sports) do not make money it makes little sense that profitable sports such as Basketball and Football should be subjected to the scholarship quotas, since football requires many more scholarships than any other comparable male or female sport. Counting football scholarships in Title IX ratios means that male sports need to be cut in order to maintain the number of scholarships needed to remain competitive in football, the source of athletic revenue. So because at Div 1 level, football usually needs 70 + scholarships, it means if schools want to keep scholarship opportunities even they have to offer 3 or 4 more 15 scholarship women's sports,while cutting "extraneous sports" such as Men's soccer (the world's most popular game) and very often Wrestling, Rowing, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Track and Hockey.

  • It changes little

    Title IX really would apply to such a narrow section of the population that it can probably deemed irrelevant for college football. There are too few women seeking positions on these teams that it doesn't exactly fit. it may be neat, however, to start a women's football college league or something similar.

  • No, Title 9 is not necessary for college football.

    I do not believe that Title 9 is necessary for college football. I think that even though I do not watch much college football, I do not think it will benefit that greatly to having something like Title 9. I think that college football will do just fine without it.

  • Title IX is not necessary for college football.

    Title IX is not necessary for college football. Title IX is a portion of the educational amendments of 1972 which says that no students should be excluded from sports on the basis of sex. Since college football is an all male sport, Title IX law does not really make a difference to college football.

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