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    Title Nine is a very important law and contributed a huge step in the progression of womens rights. It is not fair if females get less athletic funding just because they are biologically different. School sports are meant to be for fun, not for huge salaries or anything such as that. It allows girls to compete and enjoy the same and equal privilages that males get. Because of this law the amount of female athletes rose dramatically. Since the U.S enacted a law such as this before many other countries did, our female athletes have encountered huge success in international competitions, helping streagthen out repuation and outcome in international competitions and the olympics. More U.S women win medals than U.S men because we gave them an oppurtunity for equal competition. Women are talented in sports too. Like for soccer, the U.S womens natoinal team gets more attention and is more dominant in the olympics. In the X games men and womens scores are even. Elena Hight was the first, man or woman, to do a triple ally U. They even get equal prize money. Because of this bill it has given this nation a good reputation in gender equality and increased our performance in sports competitions.

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