• I’ve lived with fertility problem

    I’m Luara and I’ve lived with fertility problem, never being able to achieve a pregnancy at the age of 32, and was very depress and frustrated. I did all sort of things to get pregnant but all in vain, I latter found out i have some cells which have frozen and block my cervix as a result of having pre-cancerous condition and tubal Blocks. I went about living my life, traveling, learning, never realizing my fertility was dwindling, always confident I could have kids at any age any thought i can never have a child on my own, fortunately a friend directed me to a doctor called dr Mallam Abudu who help me with fertility herbal supplement which i took and after surprisingly i got pregnant and now i am a mother of twins, If you are in the same situation and you need help you can contact Dr Mallam Abudu, he can help in a lots problem like . Herbs to give birth easily, hope you find this information useful mallamabuduspiritualhome@gmail.Com or call +2349055637784.

  • HIV will soon be cured

    Evidence shows that HIV will soon be cured. It's a matter of time. There already was one patient cured, but the circumstances are difficult to generalize into a cure that would work for everyone. He had leukemia and had to undergo strong chemotherapy and the doctor luckily found that he could get him a donor that had a gene marker that showed resistance to HIV. Even that gene marker doesn't always work.

    They are doing more experiments. In the end the HIV cure will likely be mild chemotherapy and an infusion of stem cells programmed just right to be resistant to HIV.

  • Yes, tobacco is deadlier than the HIV virus

    From an overall perspective, tobacco is far worse than HIV. The effects it has globally makes it a much greater killer than HIV. On an individual perspective, once you contract HIV, your mortality is severely reduced, while with tobacco, you may or may not contract lung, throat or mouth cancer. But tobacco does have the other negative factor of its affect with second had smoke.

  • Tobacco Is Deadlier than the HIV Virus

    Tobacco kills millions of people each year. It also causes severe health problems for many around the world. It is definitely more deadly than the HIV virus. The common perception is that the HIV virus is bad because you hear and see a lot about it in the media, but tobacco is worse.

  • Yes, tobacco kills more people worldwide

    Tobacco kills over 5 million people per year world wide, while HIV is responsible for 2.7 million deaths world wide. That's a significant difference in deaths, especially given that tobacco deaths are more preventable than HIV (since HIV is a virus, once that virus is passed on we have no way of getting rid of it). This is simply a numbers question.

  • HIV has a 100% death rate

    Most people survive tobacco and smoking and even athsma attacks but currently there is no cure that is safe for human beings right now you are stuck for life and it has an 100% death rate amoung patients when you can just quit tobacco or grow out of athsma. Its not about the exact number of people dead from this or that its about the death rate, most tobacco users die of some unrelated cause but Hiv patients never get that, they always die because of it, and there is no way to live through it.

  • HIV is deadlier in the sense that it's a terminal disease, and tobacco in itself is not deadly at all.

    I believe that this depends on the circumstances and should be viewed on a case by case basis. Tobacco is deadlier as a chronic addiction, especially cigarettes which can lead to cancer in various parts of the body. HIV is far deadlier than tobacco in parts of the world where there is limited amounts of medication or no medication at all.

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