• Money make education

    Nowadays education can create a good business in Myanmar eventhough it is not sure to get back high performances for learner. In Myanmar, We have two types of education which are government and private education. Government education is system is traditional and haven't got high quality and skills after finished high school students. It is because of system. It is the one using memorizing the work by heart and couldn't give opportunities for creativities. On the other hand, Private school system supports better education with high quality teacher in private classroom. As drawback, It would be more expensive than goverment education systems. That is why middle class people are not afford to study quality education at this situations. Another thing is that if we don't have enough money, We cannot contiue for further study abroad. Most of oversea university are attractive to learn and upgrade our skill however it is so expenisve for normal student who can't support themselves. If we don't enough financial support, It is just like a dream. In my opion, Some university are making a lot of money from foreign students as they charge double fee to foreigner. It shoudn't be like this if they care about students for LDC or developing countries. It isn't good way for making business with education.
    Hope every country will open more scholarship programm in the furture for LDC countries.
    Thank you for your attention.

  • Education corrupting in india

    Hello my friends! Today my topic is "Is Today Education Has Become a Business? " So, We can start the topic. On this topic i would like to say that really education has become a business. Many big private schools, Colleges and universities give admission to the children of rich families but they ignore the poor children. Thus they can not study and their future becomes spoil. This is also happening in India. So we should mark them also in this orthodox society.
    Yours affectionately
    Nitesh Kumar Mehra

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