• Yes, today is the age of innovation.

    I believe that today is the age of innovation and not the age of stagnation. We are currently seeing many developments and discoveries in both business and inventions. We are seeing that businesses are being developed faster by the younger generation with more innovative ideas to future their companies and products.

  • Innovation rules the day

    Innovation is at some of the highest levels in modern history. We are seeing companies like Apple, Box, and Twitter revolutionize the way that life and business is conducted in the world today. Mobile marketing is now the most powerful marketing in the world and it did not even exist a decade ago. Also we are seeing a massive push in business toward sustainable practices as we learn better how to care for the physical world around us.

  • Todays age of innovation

    Todays age is a innovative age because we are coming up with alot of new technology and inventing alot of new things to make life more simplistic and also there are alot of different options in the world today to become more creative and invent these new things in the world.

  • It's a time of innovation.

    I definitely believe that today is an age of innovation. There are things happening right now that I would have never dreamed of seeing as a child. Even things like flat tv's tablets and smart phones are amazing to think about. There have also been many medical breakthroughs in the past few decades and things are just getting more and more advanced all the time.

  • No, I think today has become the age of stagnation.

    I think we have hit a point where we are stagnating. Technology seems to have hit a brick wall. We have the same tablets and smart phones and about the only innovations we see are the new colors they are coming out in. There don't seem to be any new ideas, new products or stunning breakthroughs being paraded.

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