• Groups will be judged by the loudest and most extreme members of their group. So don't waste my time saying, "They're not all like that"

    I will only speak of what is now called 3rd wave feminism in the USA. Because I have been all over the world in certainly their are strong cultural differences between western women and their eastern counterparts. I guess it all really depends on how you define extreme. Women have came along way in this country, but it isn't hard to spot the feminist opportunists such as Anita Sarkeesian , just as it isn't hard to spot the race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These individuals have be given a platform to speak on these matter that give others the impression that they represent the groups in general. But our media , just like most of Europe, is mainly left-leaning. And the left loves being offended. Today's so-called feminist do not want equal rights, they want privilege (Just like many groups, who at one time, had their rights suppressed).

    Anytime society tries to hold women to the very standards that they fought so hard for, neo-feminist will shout misogyny. Many of them accuse the STEM curriculum of being discriminatory because it doesn't have a high density of women . The wage gap is the other great lie. Men are overrepresented in STEM and the trades which have the highest level of salary and overtime. While many women work only part-time. Add that in with maternal reasons and of course you will have a gap in overall wages. It doesn't matter what feminism use to be. What matters it how those who currently call themselves feminist conduct themselves in a manner that could only be classified as entitled, childish, and misandric. Rape culture has also tarnished the name along with divorce court settings. If feminists do not shout these people down, their silence is nothing more than approval. Your reputation is line.

  • It depends what we mean by extremist group.

    If we're talking about an overly violent and dangerous group then I would say no. Needless to say I believe, to put it as kindly as possible, that feminism is a very stupid idea that is a waste of precious time. That doesn't mean that Feminists won't get violent occasionally, because if you push them to far and show them facts then they will get very dangerous. If you want proof than just go on youtube and watch. Thank you and God bless women.

  • Usually not. As always, there are extremists in every group, but usually no.

    Feminism is a good thing- in moderation. Of course, I wouldn't be so pleased if they insisted that all men should be treated as poorly as women were recently and still are in many second and third world countries. But people have an odd way of handling extremists- USA suddenly hates Islam and people mistreat Isralites purely because of a few extremists in 911. Now I can understand that USA needed to take it out on someone- the whole globe suddenly went into a mini depression afterwards. But their sudden hatred of Islam was uncalled for. Likewise, while some extremists exist in that group, no more than you'd expect in any group that size.

  • Feminism is critically needed in most of the world

    It is a movement founded to give strength and provide support to a section of our society that has been undermined, unappreciated and oppressed for millennia. The message has gotten through to certain parts of the world and as a result, radicals have risen up, as they always do, claiming to be the core population of the movement (take radical Islam, for example). This is, the few bad apples cannot be allowed to represent the many. As a whole, the movement of feminism is based to the idea of men and women as equals, partners in life and all else. I think the message is the opposite of superfluous, it is reinvigorating.

  • Please educate yourself.

    Before attacking a cause for women's empowerment, try looking up the word 'feminism'. Feminism- the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. I know, big words must be scary, but try to stay with me. Extremism is holding radical and fanatical political or social views. If equality is a "radical" view, I can't help you there. Seek professional counseling if you have a superiority complex issue.

  • Distinguish The Term "Feminism"

    Feminism is, by all rights, a justified cause to stand behind. No, the problem is with this modern day, tumblr-pop "feminist" social justice warrior/rape crier. Feminism, true feminism, is a brilliant movement that strides to bring true equality to women. Today's pseudo-feminism is simply a platform for insecure people to spew misandry and hate.

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Well are we talking about the entire planet or America here?