• Bias is very hard to avoid

    I don't know if you have ever tried, but when researching or telling a story it becomes very difficult to tell it without a bias. You have to make sure you've looked into everything, checked everything twice, and are just telling the facts. People will always be biased. The only real source of unbiased information we have is cold hard facts. So when listening to any news site you have to make sure they don't convince you with their opinions, only the facts.

  • Not all people or news persons are always biased, but many served lifelong against bias, presented facts without prejudice, and sacrificed their lives for truth.

    This is my debut in Debate.Org as I signed today to take part in offered debates. I did not wish to write here within a limited format or a ready YES or a ready NO. I tried to place my opinions on Comments of Debate.Org but did not succeed. I do not wish to restrict myself to favor or oppose an opinion just for the sake of my own likes or dislikes. I prefer to express a few facts, which may or may not unnecessarily oppose or favor one thing or the other.
    However, due to YES or NO format of this debate, I opted for a NO as it was closer to my response to Sussie. I wish there was a NEUTRAL (Neither Yes Nor No) provision in all debates, to be fair to some people who neither fully favor nor fully oppose opinions expressed on different topics herein.
    Susie is right to a great extent in those expressed opinions. However, not all people are always biased. Some journalists have honestly served lifelong fighting bias and prejudice, and conveyed hard cold facts, for which they ultimately sacrificed their own lives, and materialistic dreams.

    Of course, Susie may agree that she did not mean that all news persons were victimized by their own bias or prejudice, and that many were fighting their own bias and prejudice so that they could present as many sides to a story as was possible and available within their own means and resources. It was necessary to provide this explanation. You can see news where deaths of news persons became the news due to oppression of all kinds and due to suppression of freedom of expression and human liberties, otherwise granted and legalized internationally under UN Human Rights charter, although subscribed by those very countries who put news people to death.

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