Is today's Political Correctness Movement leading the U.S. more towards National Socialism (similar to Nazism)?

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  • Should use a different word.

    "switch political correctness with human decency"- My english teacher told us this when i brought this debate up in class however i don't agree with this statement they both mean different things. Human decency is defined as "conformity to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc. 3. Decencies. The recognized standards of decent or proper behavior; proprieties: The least you can expect from them is some respect for the decencies." But political correctness is defined as "the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against."
    Overall i see small similarities but not enough to warrant them being interchangeable.

  • Political Correctness is bad, so bad.

    When people are not free to call things what they are and debate issues without fear of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., well... Today the left calls everything racist and it stifles conversation and makes it hard to have a civilized exchange of ideas. Our children will never know what true freedom is if we continue on this daunting path.

  • The methods used to make things "right" are all so "wrong"

    I've always been apathetic towards politics and social movements, but starting to feel more compelled to speak up, and be more active. Perhaps I've just chomped down on the "media bait". Regardless, strongly believe there's an overwhelming large portion of Americans not speaking up, and allowing a small faction of a percent to run amuck with wild social correctness concepts. SPEAK UP!

    Rationale (though not possible to flush out all details/concepts...):
    -The key is the methodology employed. Absolutely no issue with equality, respect, blah, blah, blah... But when you constantly employ tactics to silence opposing speech because it may "offend you", and force "conform or leave" mentality...This is by no means the intent of a democracy.

    -These PC philosophers/professors that either create or dig up old terms in order to bin and label every subtle action perceived to be offensive, discriminatory, etc. will only prove to set roots to divide the population
    ----Seriously, look at a majority of the PC "buzz words", so many don't simply take a neutral stance towards a behavior, but are very specific towards "white people" (even more so, white males).
    ----Hypothesis: Same BS, different wrapper... Today's PC teachings (the methodologies to be somewhat less vague) are setting the seeds against white people by bombarding rhetoric that whites are the cause for all of minority problems. Similar techniques employed by the Nazis on the German population...All their suffering was due to the Jews. [This is not a hate speech; simply paraphrasing unfortunate historical situation]

    -Education institutions are not teaching a neutral position, but rather a "this is how you should think" or "you should have this view point". Even if what you think is considered taboo, you should still have the right to say it. And again, seriously, ask about some of the "programs" in your local public schools and see how "cultural respect" or whatever nice, cozy term you want to use, is being implemented...Students are being lead to a single thought process rather than choosing for themselves.

    -These so called PC activists seem to be intentionally choosing what words mean at their convenience, and turning the same word or phrase against anyone who opposes them. They employ intimidation, violence, threats, and discourage speech not conducive to their cause. There are so many countries that restrict speech...Why do we need to turn the one country that strives for freedom of speech into like most of the others? Oh, and another similar Nazis trait, book burning; except today it comes in the form of erasing history...Because you need to do what we say, not be educated and understand why where we are today...The latter "offends me". [sarcastic last sentence]

    -And...To catch the "another white guying complaining about losing power" speech... No. I have this "special ability" (some may call it common sense, though debatable) to detect activist BS when someone claims to be for equality, respect, freedom, etc., and everything they do/demand is completely contrary. The methods and context in which you conduct your "fight" matter.

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