Is today's technology good (yes), or bad (no)?

Asked by: missjeepers
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  • Yes but no

    I would like to qualify this topic. Technology is a great invention dont get me wrong, but its only going to progress more and more and one day everything we have come to know will be some sort of technology. There wont be anymore landlines, no more pencil and paper, no more of the things we all grew up with. Personally, i wouldnt want to live in a world like that. The socialization will go down, kids being kids wont happen anymore because all of their toys will have some sort of ipad or touch screen on it and much more.

  • This is a question?

    Here is a short list of ways it is good-
    Medical equipment.
    The ability to communicate with family and friends from across the globe.
    A way to let colourblind people see colour.
    The internet.
    Better vehicles.
    Superior television technology
    The ability to easily record programs, so you don't have to be there or rely on re-runs.

  • Today's tech is good!

    Because of today's technology, we can: call 911, have our lives saved in a hospital, and learn online or learn from educational shows on television. I've learned many things online, from animals to plain math and literature! You can't forget games fro fun if you are bored, the makers of that game get money! If they didn't get money, that would be one more broke person in the world.
    Google. We have all probably used google.
    Google Maps
    Google Play
    Google News stand
    This is why I think today's tech is good!

  • People need to enjoy life with out it

    I go to a boarding school were there is no TVs, no phones, no radio, nothing. And I am a teenager. And guess what I'm fine with out it. Actually I am much better with out it. I have been enjoying the world that we are ignoring because of someone's drama. If I can live with out it and be more than okay then it isn't needed.

  • Omg anonymous8monthold i am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!

    I just want you to know, anonymous8monthold that i will always be here to back you up in your arguments and that i think its soooooo awesome that your a child prodigy because that means your just as smart as any adult and i can have normal conversations with you because i have no friends irl so, it'd be great if we could be the best of friends.

  • Just to tell you before you read this it's an 8 month old

    Ok, COME ON people. Did you know that 84% of people said they CANNOT live 1 DAY without their electronics. Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you're gonna say. *whiny voice* "but there's all this good stuff out of electronics" YOU people don't know the real world because you're constantly glued to your phones and all that jazz. Ever heard of mother nature? That's what people used to do in the OLD DAYS. Well, I gotta go, I'm gonna go to the beach and enjoy MOTHER NATURE, a foreign word and thing to many people thanks to the electronics.
    Sincerely, The anonymous 8 month old
    P.S: As you have probably figured out, I AM A CHILD PRODIGY.

  • HahahahahahaNO I HATE YOU

    People are lazy and they dont do stuff cause they are addicted to youtube and stuff but of course, im kinda a hypocrite cause im using a computer right now but you know what? I DONT CARE BECAUSE AFTER I FINISH TYPING THIS IM GOING OUTSIDE TO ENJOY THE SUNSHINE SO PEACE OUT Y'ALL

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