• No Jerry Rice

    Brady turns no name receivers into stars (see Welker). Montana had the best receiver that ever played the game by far. It would be scary what Brady would have done with a guy like Rice. Montana also had better run support (Roger Craig). This year, no receivers and still wins

  • Yes he is.

    Tom Brady: 5x AFC Champion, 2x SuperBowl MVP, 2x NFL MVP (only one in history to be unanimously voted), won the most playoff games in NFL history, first and only player to record 50 TD passes, won the AFC East in every year but his 2nd year (which was lost on a tiebreaker) and the year he missed due to injury, he went through the 2011 season with only 4 interceptions, went the entire 2006 season without decent receivers to the AFC Championship game. Montana only threw 273 touchdowns while Brady has already thrown 334. Tom Brady has also thrown about 4000 more yards than Montana and Montana played as of now 3 extra seasons than Brady did. Tom Brady is the best of all time.

  • It's Brady and it's not even close.

    It's so much more difficult to sustain dominance in the salary cap era of the NFL and only 1 QB had dominated the league for 15 years, Tom Brady. 6 Super Bowl appearances, 4 wins. Montana's stats are not even in the same plane of existence as Brady's. Montana had elite defenses for each of his titles and the best WR of all time for 2 of them. No one has ever done more with less than Tom Brady. Brady is the Michael Jordan of QB's.

  • 4 SB Rings and no Jerry Rice

    No QB had ever accomplished more with less than Brady. Continuously changing players and cold weather climate make his accomplishments more impressive. Montana was cool but Brady is Mr. Clutch! 4 SB could have been 6, as he drove his team down the field and left with the lead in every game. ......He will finish with 5 SB rings not bad for the 198th pick.

  • Tom Brady is the greatest after winning his 4th Super Bowl

    Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time, hands down. He is great in the regular season, postseason, and a great teammate and leader on and off the field. Not to mention, Brady played in the Salary Cap era, where the teams changed drastically from year to year, while Montana had the same HOF cast each and every year. He played with a great running game and a great defense, the 2 things that are a quarterbacks best friends. Oh, did I mention Jerry Rice, because he is pretty good too. Roger Craig is good too. What about Dwight Clark? Meanwhile, Tom Brady made his receivers great. He picks up the team and puts it on his back. Not to mention, Brady is better statistically. He threw 50 touchdowns when he finally got an already accomplished receiver in Moss, and led the league in passing. In 2012, he threw over 5000 yds. Montana has never even surpassed the 4000 yd mark with Jerry Rice on his team. Montana also threw a pick on 2.6% of his passes, while Brady is only throwing a pick on 2% of his passes. That might not seem like a big difference but it is considering both take good care of the football. Next, Brady is 37 and he is still playing at an elite level. Joe Montana slowed down a lot earlier, and played at an entirely different level than what Brady is putting up, when Montana went to KC. Lastly, even though Montana and Brady have the same amount of rings, and championships, Brady is more clutch. Brady has 46 game winning drives, while Montana has 33. That's 13 less for Montana, not to mention Brady has comeback on the biggest stages. 3 out of his 4 super bowl wins were only wins because Brady drove down the field at the end of the game and won it for the Patriots. Joe Montana beat up on bad teams like the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Broncos. If you lose the Super Bowl by 45 points like the Broncos did, its a testament to how bad you are not how good the other team is. Not to disrespect Joe Montana, but as of now, Brady is the best because he is better statistically, he got more out of less, and he is more clutch.

  • If someone has accomplished more than someone and the other person had a better team they are automatically better

    Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarter-back to ever live no question. 4-2 in super bowl, better postseason and regular season stats, Joe montana has the better super bowl stats but the superbowl is just one game. Joe Montana obviously had a better team. He had Jerry rice a decent RB which Tom brady never had and a shut-down defence. Joe Montana always did it with the same amazing squad, Tom Brady wins his division and has a good playoff run every year no matter if he has the worst squad in the league.#TomBradybestever

  • The Discussion's Done

    Tom Brady is now tied with Joe Montana in Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl MVP Honors, and holds the record for most Super Bowl touchdown passes. None of those touchdowns were to Hall Of Famers except maybe Gronkowski, David Patten or at the most Troy Brown. Montana had great Hall Of Fame players around him throughout his tenure in San Francisco, like Jerry Rice, Jim Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark, and Roger Craig. Plus, Montana had a better defense.
    No way were any of Brady's Super Bowl losses his fault, because his defense couldn't stop Eli driving down the field, they beat us fair and square. Did Joe Montana ever lead his team to a 10-Point Comeback in the Fourth Quarter of the Super Bowl? No, Brady just did it in Super Bowl XLIX, arguably the greatest Super Bowl ever played.
    As of April 2015, in the regular season, Brady is 160-47 and Montana is 117-47. Same amount of losses, but look at the win category - Brady by far. And in the Playoffs, it's Brady ahead of the whole Quarterback canon as he is 21-8 in Playoff play. Sure, Brady has more Super Bowl losses and Playoff losses than some other Quarterbacks, but I would much rather be there in that game to have the opportunity to win year in and year out, than not be in contention at all.
    Not taking anything away from the great Joe Montana, but he will always be Number Two from now on. Brady did more, with less, consistently, with one team, in a little over a decade. Tom Brady is the Greatest NFL Quarterback of all time.

  • No one can compare to the Comeback Kid

    Tom Brady was the 199th overall draft pick in the 6th round. He started from the bottom and now he's here with 6 super bowl appearances, 4 rings, and a supermodel wife. He takes pay cuts all the time to further better his team. When Tom Brady is surrounded with nobodies he turns them into superstars. He holds numerous records and is tied for numerous more. Tom is tied for the rushing td record in the playoffs and he is a pocket passer. No one can compare to Brady

  • No one can compare to the Comeback Kid

    Tom Brady was the 199th overall draft pick in the 6th round. He started from the bottom and now he's here with 6 super bowl appearances, 4 rings, and a supermodel wife. He takes pay cuts all the time to further better his team. When Tom Brady is surrounded with nobodies he turns them into superstars. He holds numerous records and is tied for numerous more. Tom is tied for the rushing td record in the playoffs and he is a pocket passer. No one can compare to Brady

  • It's close, but Brady then Montana. They are in a league of their own.

    It's so close, but Brady got to 2 more Super Bowls and it's better to get to the Super Bowl and lose, than lose earlier in the playoffs. The whole point of sports is to make it as far as you can. This whole argument that Montana is 4-0 in Super Bowls is idiotic. It just means that Montana kept losing earlier in the playoffs and couldn't get to the Super Bowl again. Plus, it's not like Brady got shelled in those Super Bowls. Lastly, Brady did win 4 and got to 6 with a lot less support than Montana.

  • Not yet maybe after another ring

    People use having rice as an excuse to often. He was there for 2 Super Bowls. How many people believe Dwight Clark is anywhere near jerry rice. Freddy soloman? Brady had Moss who had an incredible season as impressive if not more impressive than any for rice and yet where is the ring for that season? Montanna was doing this in college as we'll. When did Brady suffer from flue like symptoms and throw 4 tds in the 4th quarter to win a game? . Never. Watch old games and see montanna throw completions with guys draped on and hitting his legs. When Brady was faced with the same situation he went out for the season and his backup won 11 games. Montanna took an inferior chiefs team at age 38. After being hit repeatedly helmet to helmet and helmet to his back he still figured out how to beat a buddy Ryan defense and throw 4 tds to win in the 4th. Tom has never had to endure the punishment or back surgery montanna dig. His stats are padded by a system designed to do just that along with sissy protection rules and more games in a season. Take 2 games away from every season Brady played and he is not quite as impressive.
    When Brady wins a fourth Super Bowl it will be a different conversation but the taint of spygate will always be an *. When considering Brady, his coach as well which is sad. The coaching is more impressive than that of Walsh because it's been done over a longer period of time and in the free market era. Again though spygate will always place him second.

  • Joe Montana is Better

    As of right now Joe Montana is a better Quarterback than Tom Brady. For Tom Brady's case, Tom Brady went on to play in 5 Superbowls to Joe Montana's 4; however, Tom Brady is 3-2 in Superbowls whereas Joe Montana is a perfect 4-0. Tom Brady has been the staple to New England's career over the past decade and he deserves to be compared to the likes of Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, however I still feel that Joe Montana's record in the Superbowl (being perfect) holds more substantial weight over Tom Brady's success.

  • Tom Brady is no where near Montana

    Montana plays the game like a Super Bowl and Brady plays the game like there is a tomorrow. Both are great quarterbacks but Montana is by far a better player visually, mentally, and physically, and he has all the tangibles that a quarterback must have and Brady lacks run support and reading defenses. Brady is definetly a top 5 QB but no where near Montana.

  • Not even close

    Joe Montana is the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. His ability to come up large in substantial games consistently overwhelms the ability of Tom Brady who has lost the big game twice, and worse off to the same team. Tom Brady lost his first super bowl after the spy gate allegations came out, and has not won since before the allegations. It makes skeptics believe that Tom Brady's talent and late game heroics weren't the only thing on the Patriots side in those three years. People don't realize the gigantic impact spy gate had on the Patriots winning those three super bowls. Sure Joe Montana had Jerry Rice and Bill Walsh, however there success was earned through hard work and preparation. He never lost a super bowl and has won all four he's played in. Tom Brady's career is not over just yet however Joe Montana will always be a better quarterback than him.

  • Montana excelled in an era which wasn't nearly as friendly to quarterbacks

    In almost any field, the newest contender is always pushed as "the greatest ever," with people forgetting some of the details of past achievers. I have seen both QB's careers from the start, and sometimes wonder whether the people suggesting Brady is better actually watched Montana's career. Brady is definitely a top ten QB and very impressive, but he is not better than Montana. Montana helped pioneer a modern passing game (with Walsh) , had the second highest career passer rating at the time of his retirement, and went 4-4 and 3 MVPs without a single interception in Super Bowls. He dominated the NFL both during the regular season and in clutch performances during the post-season. He did not have Rice for the first two Super Bowls either. Brady lost two super bowls--one with a team that was 18-0 entering the game. It does not seem reasonable to suggest that Montana won merely because of the talent surrounding him whereas Brady did not. It is indeed unfortunate that Montana was injured in the NFC championship game against the Giants. Had that not occurred, the 49ers may well have won three in a row.

  • Like comparing Jordan to Kobe

    Joe Cool was like a magician. He almost never had a bad game and he won so many games 2 TD down. Montana won 2 SB without Rice. If he wasn't knocked out (e.G. Vs NYG), hurt (play w/ bad back vs Minn), or lost a BS pass int vs Wash, or strike-shortened seasons, he would have won more SB. Think that if youthful Steve Young wasn't around, he would have stayed with Niners two more years.

    You have to see Montana was with KC. He almost won the championship game until once again he got knocked out.

    If it came down to who you'd take in their prime for the playoffs, I'd pick Montana over anyone. You don't lose the biggest game if you are the GOAT QB. Michael Jordan never lost in his 6 championship finals. I don't personally like MJ as a person but he like Montana is a super competitor and leader.

  • Montana never lost

    Montana played in the 80's and the game was rougher. Too many calls today favor the offense today . Montana had Jerry Rice and Rice was the best, but Brady has had some great players too. Gronkowski comes to mind. But Brady's best offensive weapon has been the Ref's and the new rules that favor high scoring games.

  • "Montana had Hall of Famers and Brady has screw ups and rookies, and actually makes something out of his receivers." - Yes Voters

    When I look at people who say this, I consider them as complete idiots. For those of you who do say this, let me explain. (Excuse my sarcasm) Excuse me for even siding with the no voters. I COMPLETELY forgot that people like Jerry Rice and Dwight Clark were already Hall of Famers when they first joined! Shame on me! They already had their Hall of Fame and Super Bowl rings the day they walked into Candlestick! I feel so dumb as to think that Jerry Rice and Dwight Clark were ever even just normal players too. I'm done with the sarcasm now. Jerry Rice and Dwight Clark were your average NFL players as well as Brady's receivers. They didn't know they would be in the Hall of Fame one day. They weren't aware of the Super Bowls they would go to. They just played the game. You people still think Brady is the best of all time? Let's see. (I got this from a meme, and true facts.) Brady is 3-2. Montana is 4-0. Brady 10TD-2INT. Montana 11TD-0INT. Brady has 2 Super Bowl MVPs, Montana has 3 Super Bowl MVPs. And unlike Brady, Montana didn't need a field goal kicker to win his games for him. He did it himself. Let's face it. We wont see a QB better Montana until we see 5-0. So to all the Brady fans, sure, Joe Montana didn't always go to the Super Bowl, but when he did, he actually WON.

  • In your dreams

    Please name one other receiver other than Rice for the 49ers, because I've never heard of any others. With Brady, he had Moss, Welker, Edelman, and Branch all names I have heard before and I don't even follow the Patriots. You can't tell me that Brady never had weapons because he had more than Joe did in my opinion. And QBs don't make WRs famous, they do it themselves by catching crappy passes from crappy Quarterbacks like Brady.

  • Montana won his 4 SBs in less years than Tom Brady and never lost one (i.E. Nobody cares that Brady lost to the Giants 2x).

    Montana won his 4 SBs in less time than Brady and never lost a SB. He also faced stronger teams in the NFC at the time (Giants, Redskins, Cowboys) compared to the teams Brady has faced in the AFC over the last 15 years (Broncos, Steelers, and Ravens), not to mention Montana had to beat those teams with less rules put in place to enable his offense. Does anyone remember SF resorting to skirting the rules to win games? Montana won ethically in a strong conference, paid the price physically, and still always managed to win the SB.

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