• Brady Wins Games

    The bottom line is that Tom Brady is a winner. Five Super Bowl appearances and three wins; a 16-0 season. The guy is a winner through and through. Plus, I think he is a better decision-maker than Manning. Manning might be a better pure passer, but Brady has the smarts, the wiliness, and the overall determination.

  • Brady has had to work with a bad offense

    Other than Randy Moss, Brady has had to work with a mediocre receiving crew. Manning has gotten to work with Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Demaryus and Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker who BTW Tom Brady basically made, and Brady still has more rings, more AFC championships, more playoff wins and appearances, and Brady has the best winning percentage of anyone ever. For all u Peyton lovers, the only stat that matters is the one on the score board so in that case, Brady obviously wins.

  • For sure Tom is better

    He doesn't have the NFL dad or a brother in the league and he wasn't a first round pick but Tom's got more rings for a reason.

    Brady is a once in a lifetime talent, Peyton has had a great career but he just has not gotten it done when it matters nearly as much as Tom has.

  • Tom is just better

    How many super bowls has tom won?3, how many has Peyton one?1. Rings are the main part on basing players so tom Brady beats Peyton in rings it's the truth you can't change the history.And when Brady plays Peyton who usually wins? Tom Brady. Tom is the second best quarterback of all time behind Joe Montana.

  • Individual stats a tossup. Context is everything.

    1. Manning has played 46 more games than Brady. Comparing total TDS, yards and such is dumb.
    2. However, on a per game average, Manning ' s "statistical superiority" is thin. For example, 2.05 TDS per game to 1.93.
    3. In some cases, Manning 's individual stats are worse. 2.8% INT rate versus Brady ' s 2.2%
    4. And yet Manning has had the benefit of conditions. He has played 60% of his games in climate controlled domes. In fact, all his numbers, and his teams, are horrific when the temp is below 40, or wind is above 20, and or there is precipitation .
    5. And yet Manning has had the benefit of supporting cast. He has had 2X the number of thousand yard rushers and receivers and 2X the number of pro bowlers on offense.
    6. Despite all that, Brady wins more often 78% of the time versus 73%.
    7. Especially in the playoffs 18-10 versus 11-12
    8. Especially in Super Bowls, where Brady has gone to 5 and won 3, and Manning has gone to 2 and won 1.
    9. Peyton Manning is one of the best to play ever given his stats.
    10. Brady might be THE BEST, given his stats AND his team wins.

  • More super bowl wins and appearances, less interceptions, Brady has done more with less on offense than manning in the long run.

    Game on the line, i would rather have tom brady, Brady may have lost his two last super bowls but they came down to the wire with basically one or two bad plays at the end that caused him to fail. Manning got blown out in the last super bowl and did not even stand a chance, im not saying pats would of beat the seahawks in the super bowl, but i believe it would came more down to the wire in my opinion.

  • Adaptable Brady is clear winner

    Manning nearly always has enjoyed more talent around him. If you had a draft of all the skill-position players on the two teams, the only Patriot that would be selected in the top 5 would be Rob Gronkowski. No matter, Brady makes things work and finds way to make everyone better. Manning needs to have elite talent around him and struggles when he is not playing in ideal conditions. Brady wins in the wind, rain and snow. If every game was played in a dome or in ideal conditions, it would be a tougher argument. Manning amazes me with his accuracy on deep throws, but has much bigger windows and better athletes that make him look better than he is. Manning is, without a doubt, one of the all-time best.... Probably top 10. Based on talent, the Broncos should win the Super Bowl this season. They are superior to every other team. If Brady was the QB, I would have little doubt that they would win it., But, if Manning faces a bad-weather day in the playoffs, they might not be able to pull it off. Ask yourself this: If Brady and Manning switched teams, would anyone have any doubt who would win the Super Bowl. I can't imagine Manning playing with average receivers. It has never happened. Brady is in the argument with Joe Montana and a few others as the greatest of all time.

  • Manning better qb, but Brady is a better player

    Manning has all the stats and everyone thinks he's better for it. But I'd rather have super bowls than MVPs for my qb. He is excellent at getting the ball to his receivers and audibling and all that, but Brady wins. For ppl that say brady only win when defense is there for him, in 06 manning threw 3 td to 7 ints in the playoffs, so manning is the same. With the game on the line always pick brady.

  • Brady Is better than Montana

    Montana had an extremely good defense better than brady has ever had. Montana also had better receivers including jerry rice. Montana also didn't have to play in the free agency era so felt safe that he would never lose his players. That being said peyton had a team about as good as the 80s 49ers and still couldn't beat brady. Peyton is a choke and there are many quarterbacks better than peyton. Brady is the uncontested greatest of all time.

  • Football is a team sport. Lets not focus on "individual stats"

    Peyton Manning has the stats over Brady. But these "individual" stats are applauded more than winning the championship in the ultimate team sport? The goal for all NFL teams is to win the super bowl. With that being said, Im going to take the guy that gives me the best chance to do so. The stats are nice and all, but Peyton's performances in key moments are pretty bad. I'll take Brady over Peyton any day.

  • Not even close!

    Brady is the most overrated QB ever. He has always played with the best pass protection ever assembled. Brady always played with a better defense, and special teams. He on average gets two counts more then any other QB in the league. Hence, his receivers get the same two extra counts to run routes. Hence, they are wide open! As field generals Brady should not be in the same conversation as Manning! I will give that Brady knows his job, and his playbook, but is given maximum time to go through his checks. Superbowl wins, and stats, do not give a good measure. Brady is more a product of his team then any other QB. I played the position and train QBs to this day. If you do not believe me watch a Patriot game, with a stop watch. All you have to be able to do is count to 5 and some times 6. This is what he has had most of his career. Again the one year he was out, the Pats, just motored on. I live in New England, and was a long time Pats fan, but it is not Brady that makes this franchise successful, it is the system, and he is part of that system. Manning does way more with less! He always has! He is most oft voted by his peers MVP. Most of them know! He should have shared it last year with Peterson. Even Brady knows who the best is, and he has stated it!

  • Brady is average

    Brady gets hurt backup wins 11 games then when brady comes back they win 10. NE defense in there 3 Super Bowl wins ranked 1st 2nd and 6th in points allowed brady is an average nfl qb on a good team.Manning is top 5 ever brady not in top 50 in my book!

  • No he most certainly is not.

    If you say Brady is better because of the amount of super bowls he has won, rather that looking at the stats you're also implying that Eli is better than Peyton which everyone knows is not true. Look at the stats guys, Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady, end of discussion.

  • I think no

    I think he is not better because when you look at who is better you dont look at superbowl wins or good plays, you look at the stats. So in doing this tom brady is not better than peyton manning in any way possible. Even if you look at the years, you dont do that.

  • Talking stats, manning far and away better.

    Look at manning's career stats compared to Brady's. Peyton has more yards by about 15,000 and almost 120 more TDs. I grant you he has thrown more INTs, but he also has a better QB rating. Manning has been in the league for two more years but he missed the 2011 season entirely. You think Brady can make up the difference in one year? No way. Manning is the best QB in the league if not best all time.

    PS- if you say Super Bowl wins make Brady better then that means Eli is better than peyton..... I think not

  • Success does not equal skill

    Manning has a better statistical record overall, both in the regular season and in the playoffs. A team's wins can be contributed to multiple other factors. While this is also true for the stats of a QB, it is much LESS skewed by other factors, therefor stats are more reliable than amount of wins.

  • No Brady isn't

    Peyton manning is better because he's way smarter than Tom Brady 's ass because he knows how to read the defense and and if you compare them this year manning has fewer interceptions than Brady and Brady went three games without a touchdown and in all of those three interceptions

  • Bradys success is because of bill belicheck.

    Success with multiple coachs and teams, more mvps, physically more gifted and the smartest qb ever. People like to say peyton has had the better players. First of all the year tom got the td record, he had moss. Dont forget who had it the year before at 49 tds, peyton! Second, peyton would be given a package and he would call the play on the line! Tom is the most talented qb manager with the best pocket presence ever, but peyton tears apart defenses.
    Please do not use the head to head stat as a factor, that just means there was a better game plan tom beat the opposing defence.

  • Peyton Manning is overall better

    Peyton Manning is better because of the replacement factor. When Peyton Manning was injured in the 2011-2012 NFL season, the colts went 2-14 and started 0-13. In 2008, when Tom Brady was injured the patriots went 11-5 and Matt Cassel flourished in New England's system. Bill Belichick has created an amazing system in which you can plug in players like wide receivers, running backs, and quarterback and they will all exceed if they buy into the system. When they do not buy into the system they will struggle for example chad "ochocinco" johnson. Tom Brady will always be seen as the better QB by people who do not truly understand that football is a team sport which involves all three phases of football and a great coaching staff. Peyton Manning has won 13 games and has made the playoffs with four different coaches in his career. He has suffered many playoff losses from his teams mistakes not his own. Tom Brady has been blessed with a top 5 coach in NFL history and great overall football teams.

  • I think no

    I think he is not better because when you look at who is better you dont look at superbowl wins or good plays, you look at the stats. So in doing this tom brady is not better than peyton manning in any way possible. Even if you look at the years, you dont do that.

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