Is Tom Brady one of the top five quarterbacks of all time?

  • Brady is a top 5 QB

    Should there even be a debate or this? It is clear that he is a top 5 QB. He is arguably the best of all time. His only other competition is Joe Montana. They are neck and neck. Brady is an amazing pocket passer as deserves to be called one of the top 5 at least.

  • Yes, its hard not to see it

    There is no argument that the stats back up his claim that he is one of the top five quarterbacks of all time. I do think the argument lies in is he as good if you change his supporting players around him and I dont think this is the case.

  • Yes

    Due to the logo he sports this is a real "1 and 31" guy, but the numbers don't lie. Three rings, could easily have six (two last minute miracle grabs and a collapse the year the Colts went on to play the Bears, go ahead and tell me New England wouldn't have beaten them too), great statistically, he has to be in the discussion. Particularly with Manning falling short again this past week, his stock has dropped making the discussion even more pro-Brady.

  • Brady Is Top 5

    Tom Brady is a top five quarterback. He has done a lot in the league while playing for the New England Patriots and is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play. Brady has multiple MVP's and Super Bowls to his name and will easily go into the Hall of Fame.

  • Absolutely.

    Tom Brady has won multiple Super Bowls when many have never even seen the playoffs. He's been MVP, led a record shattering offense in 2007, and was a member of the first undefeated regular season team. His constant performance in the clutch throughout is entire career is more than enough to show that he should be considered one of the top five quarterbacks of all time.

  • No there are other Quarterbacks better than him

    Tom Brady is a phenomenal Quarterback, but he is not one of the top 5. There were quarterbacks such as Steve Young and Dan Marino and others similar to them that would take up the top 5. Brady is a great passer, but lacks ability to scramble out of the pocket unlike some great quarter backs. He should be in the Top 10 category.

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