Is Tom Brady (yes) or Peyton Manning (no) the best QB of the past ten years?

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    Peyton Manning is one of the greatest football minds in the history of the game, I don't believe there has been a quarterback more gifted mentally with the knowledge of the X's and O's Manning has. Even in the later of his career his mind allows him to play at such a high level. But Tom Brady has a heart bigger than anyone. He wins with grit and competitive nature. Yes he is a gifted quarterback with a great mind and arm. But he never got the same attention coming into the league that a lot of the quarter backs now a days have. Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Rothlisberger, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, RG3, Michael Vick, John Elway, Dan Marino, Steve Young, and Phillip Rivers, are examples of the types of quarterbacks drafted in the !1st round of their NFL draft class. Granted some new comers still are earning their stripes like Luck, Griffin, Newton, and Ryan. But Tom's body of work tops them all. But not Tom Brady, with the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft the New England Patriots select Tom Brady quarterback from the University of Michigan. That's the 6th round for those of you who didn't know.

  • I believe he is

    If you had asked if he is the best over the past 12 years it would be a no brainer. But the past ten is definitely debatable. I do think however statistically he has been the most consistent over the past 10years still. He's broke numerous records in that time and has made the playoffs every year he has played

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