Is Tom Cruise crazy (yes) or misunderstood (no)?

Asked by: rja7
  • He's a Scientologist.

    Enough said- they've all got a screw loose. It's a dangerous cult. Cruise is a little more nuts than most, though. And claiming his antics are for press is absurd considering that it has almost universally been BAD press. He is a walking, talking joke, so it is extremely unlikely he's acting this crazy for the media attention.

  • How about an opinion without bias?

    I've personally had the genuine pleasure to meet Tom Cruise in person. Is he a bit eccentric? Yes, but in a good way. He's incredibly professional, polite to all his fellow cast members, the crew and the director, and doesn't get angry. And before you shout "but he's a scientologist!", do you even know what scientology is? No, you don't. You just know it's crazy because the media tells you so. But more importantly, a majority of celebrities probably believe we were all created by a giant invisible bearded man in the sky. So go ahead, tell me Tom Cruise is crazy, but first, tell me your religious beliefs and what personal experience you've had with Mr. Cruise.

  • Hard to get a read on..

    Almost everybody I know seems to dislike tom cruise,yet most people seem to like the majority of his movies which leads me to believe that there are a lot of (closet)cruise fans.I suspect its easier for people to say they don't like the "person"tom cruise because of his Scientology promoting and his strange antics on opera and in front of the paparazzi in general..This makes me wonder if there really is a screw loose or if he is just portrayed that way.

    Posted by: rja7

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Ragnar says2013-08-25T04:35:58.967
A better question would have been "Is Tom Cruise Crazy?" Since he doesn't need to be either of those two options, which makes this a false dilemma.
rja7 says2013-08-25T05:17:24.657
Well I agree I worded it in a mutual exclusive context..I don't really care!This is the opinion section..So go point out false dichotomys in the debate section.