• Yes she is

    She said black lives matter is the new kkk but its not. The kkk is white lives matter not black live matter. She lied about the kkk. Y y y y yyy y y yy y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

  • Yes, Tomi Lahren said some awful things and now is playing the victim.

    Yes, Tomi Lahren said vicious, mean things and after the backlash against her, she is playing the white card. Which I find very offensive as a white person and as a human being. People need to be kind to each other. Lahren is not playing fairly. She is being immature and is now trying to defend herself by attacking others. It's a very poor show on her part.

  • All the way

    Anyone who constantly says people of color get a free pass in society, that white folks are the most discriminated against, and who identifies everyone she talks about by their race is pretty much playing the white card. It's going pretty far to blame President Obama and "his two black attorney generals" for inciting the murders in Dallas. Race and racism exist, sometimes caucasian people do come out on the short end of the stick, but if you look at community access to education, health care, safe neighborhoods, and at the disparity in the ways people are treated based on race, you can't ignore it. She's ranting and playing the white card.

  • Yes, Tomi Lahren is playing the white card by her statements about Beyonce's Superbowl performance

    Yes, Tomi Lahren is playing the white card by her statements about Beyonce's Superbowl performance. There are numerous images of white women in American media and statements made that suggest that they are the standard of beauty. Has Tomi Lahren ever argued that these images rob little black girls of a feeling of racial harmony?

  • Yes - bringing 'colour' into the arguement loses the arguement

    By talking about 'black and white' brings about division. The fact that Heads of the Justice Department have been black, should be irrelevant. What is relevant, is how good they were at the job in hand. Members of the public were likely to have not even been aware, or registered the fact that they were black.

  • No she's being honest.

    Unless you are willing to say that every member who affiliates themselves with BLM is playing the "black card," you can't assert that this individual is playing any "white card." The actions of a couple of racist police officers is not representative of even 1 tenth of a percent of the police force. BLM calling for police reform based on the actions of a few dumb cops who get disproportionate media coverage is no different than me calling for a reform of the whole black population based on the attacks of a lunatic gunman who decided he was going to pick off some cops.

    BLM incites fear, instigates divisive rhetoric, and paints a massive population with a broad generalizing brush. And Obama is entertaining this movement, which means that he is contributing to the division. You don't have to agree with her point of view, but she is not playing any kind of race card, she is pointing out the fact (yes, it happens to be a fact) that race issues in the US have inflammed since Obama was elected, and particularly since the emergence of BLM.

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