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  • NO, Tommy Hilfiger is NOT racist

    NO, Tommy Hilfiger never said those racist things. It was just an old Internet rumor that was proved false years ago. There are many sites where you can read about how it was not true at all. Here is one link to the Anti-Defamation League who confirmed it was not true -

  • I don't think so.

    Tommy Hilfiger has not been proven to be a racist. Although, he may be a racist and we don't know it, the chance that he is a racist is very low. It has been proven on Snopes that the incident where he was thrown off Oprah for being racist did not happen. So I doubt he is racist!

  • Ancient urban legend.

    I am pretty sure this question is coming from an ancient urban legend in which Hilfiger allegedly went on Oprah and said he didn't want black people wearing his clothes. That never happened, not a single bit of it. In fact, when he learned that his clothing became popular with urban black males, he was delighted and said so publicly many times. He was happy to see his fashion adopted, and grateful for the sales. Tommy Hilfiger is not a racist.

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