• Yes I think they could be good for each other

    The reason I think Toni Garrn and Leonardo DiCaprio would make a good couple is because they are both famous and probably would better understand the stresses of being famous and could possibly relate to each other more. Plus I'm pretty sure they're both rich, so when two rich people come together that equals more income

  • Age isn't just a number

    Toni is just 22 years young while Mr. DiCaprio is forty years old. Time and again we see that age matters. Combine that with the pressure of Hollywood and always being surrounded by the next most beautiful person in the world it is only a matter of time before he trades her in for another young model.

  • Toni Garrn is not a good fit for Leonardo!

    Toni Garrn has a set of wants that I don't think Leonardo can fill. Primarily the 4 kids she has publicly announced she wants. DiCaprio in my opinion is more of a player and proved that the other evening leaving a club with a reported " 20 women " She would best be served moving along to someone else.

  • No, Toni Garrn is not a good fit for Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Toni Garrn is not a good fit for Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is eighteen years older than the 22-year- old model, such an age gap is bound to cause trouble in their relationship. In addition, they also have different nationalities, him being from America, and her from Germany, this means that they have added cultural barrieres to overcome.

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