• Yes, Tony Romo is a good quarterback.

    Not only is Tony Romo a good quarterback, he's one of the best quarterbacks there ever was. Rarely has a quarterback been able to throw a ball up a field, or attempt to run a ball up a field, depending on the play, quite like Tony Romo. He has that rare combination of strength, agility, speed and intelligence.

  • Of course Romo was good

    Few QBs have had as many 4th qtr, Game-winning drives as Romo.
    When you list all of the “controllable” critcal stats for QBs. Romo is always in the mix with some the all-time best. It can't be coiincidental. Hes on every single list right in middle of them.
    Now team stats are not always controllable.
    The choke lable was really short bus level stuff.
    Compared to turning it over vs ending it with the game winning drive. . . . Romo (and team) came out with the win 80+% of the time. In his career. Which was remarkable.

  • He is a a great quarterback and one of the best to do it

    Everybody knows him as throwing pics or choking or never winning games but they don’t realize he’s none of those things. And the numbers don’t lie. Like it doesn’t make sense first af all he’s never lead the nfl in interceptions so why say that and the Eli Manning has sooo many more than hi a rn he lead the league in interceptions more than once and they don’t say nothing about him. Tony never had a great defense so why expect him to win the Super Bowl if he can’t even get help from the other side of the ball. I know for a fact dea caught that ball and the did announce it was a catch. We would of won and then won Seattle. Keep in mind we beat the earlier in the season already at their home. And we would of beat the patriots. But the ref fucked Dallas over. All I’m saying is no one can talk shit on Tony Romo when he gave his all for Dallas and became one of the best quarterbacks while going undrafted. Keep that in mind.

  • Super Bowl wins is NOT an individual stat

    If you search in google greatest 4th quarter qbr of all time than Romo is the first name to pop up because he has the best of all time . But for some reason he is known as the worst qb and only throws interceptions . He has 100 more tds and less ints than staubach and aikman but they are the best just because of Super Bowl wins

  • Beast of a Qb

    Most game winning drives among active qb's... Most come from behind 4th quarter wins since he started playing in 06... Owns nearly ever Cowboys qb record... Has between the 3-5 highest qbr ranking in NFL history. Not to mention the guy has played through a litany of injuries to still win.

  • Yes, he's Elite.

    Tony Romo is an elite quarterback. His stats place him among the best, and by the time he's done that'll be more clear. Our defense has been terrible, there's plenty of stats to show that too, leaving all the pressure on Tony Romo. Pressure. Carrying America's Team on your shoulders isn't an easy task, and shouldn't be so criticized. Everything he does, it is talked about and criticized. Too criticized. With the Cowboys being the National Most Hated Team of America, when he makes mistakes, people don't just remember. They expand it and blow it out of proportion. People love to hate Kobe and love to hate Tony. Every QB makes mistakes. Brett Favre set records left and right for mistakes. The expectations he has and the criticism he receives would be overwhelming for anybody, yet he goes out there and dominates. Watch his film, read his stats, ask his teammates, ask players around the league. Troy Aikman, HOF 3 time SB winner and much more said himself that Romo was a better Quarterback than he ever was. He's taken hits upon hits, that line hasn't always been elite. He's clutch and he can win games. Stats will prove all of this as will the tape. If you were to black him out on tape just leaving an outline and watch him play, then get told his stats and success, you wouldn't be so critical. If you were to guess who that player was, guarantee there'd be some pretty notable guesses. Choking is pretty attached to his name, which is ridiculous. Look up his 4th quarter stats and game winning drives. "Choke artist" please. When our defense has been consistently worse than come college defenses, and his weapons have been consistently inconsistent, and his coaching and play calling has changed, he has remained constant. I would really like to see this black out experiment and see the results. Even better, put a Brady jersey on his game film then take it off after and ask if they noticed. I think he is definitely an elite QB in this league and agains stats will tell you that over and over. Just watch him play unbiased and you will see. Too many people are ignorant and biased and too critical. If he played for a team like the Colts, it would be a complete different conversation. This debate would be is Tony Romo HOF worthy?

  • Are you guys blind?

    Tony Romo has done the most he could possibly do for his team more times than most men. He leads the league in 4th quarter comebacks. The reason he has 4th quarter interceptions is because he has been put in that situation so many more times than most men. Nobody can consistently save their team from a close fourth quarter loss every time they are asked to do so.

  • He should retire

    He is absolute garbage and shouldn't have played in game 17, he completed 3/4 passes for 29 yards on his ONLY drive of the game. People saying that it was a Hall of Fame drive are absolutely wrong. He is lucky to have played that drive. He would be lucky to stay on the cowboys after this season.

  • Can't win the big game

    Tony holds the ball to long, will only throw to wide open wide receivers so I think he doesn't trust his accuracy, he has never been a champion from what I have read so all he knows how to do is win individual awards, he has had all pro players around him most of his career but is unable to win any substantially big games, I think Jon Kitna playing in Romo's place a few years back and turning a mediocre looking team into a championship looking team tells the story of Romo. When Romo returned the team looked bad again. Romo holds the ball to long, if he were on a less talented team he would be out of the league by now.

  • Stats are for narcissists. Wins matter. Stats don't get you to the bowl game.

    There is enough video evidence to prove that the majority of the time Romo crumbles under pressure and costs the game. It's the quarterbacks job to protect the ball, not give it away. The O line doesn't throw interceptions. There's times where everyone else on the Cowboys suck but the difference is that he has the ball

  • I just don't like him

    He throws to many interceptions and he can't really run the ball he got 2 pics returned for a touchdown versus the Panthers and 1 extra pic like I said he can't throw and he can't run but his technique is passing to Bryant and his half back but that is it

  • Broke lots of records DUH!

    Dude what the fish sticks!
    1st The Cowboys QB records are hard to break
    2nd Tony broke them! I think Dallas need an offensive line that fits him cause he runs probably 50 yards AWAY from the defense he is as good of everyone else cant you see!Hes under to much pressure! COWBOY FANS UNITE!!!!!!

  • No, Romo is not a good quarterback.

    No, I believe that Tony Romo is not a good quarterback. The question relies on one major aspect: league. If Tony Romo played for a high school team, he would be considered a good quarterback. As the highly-paid NFL quarterback as he is, he is an average quarterback. What makes this good quarterback just "average" is the fact that he doesn't have consistency. If he had a somewhat consistent arm like Brady, I think he could be considered good, even great. When he's good, he's great, but when he's bad, he's absymal. The problem is that Tony Romo more often is bad than he is good.

  • No, Tony Romo is not a good quarterback.

    I have been a Cowboys fan for as long as I can remember. All of my immediate family is. We al help out high hopes that Tony Romo would be good for the Dallas Cowboys, but that isn't so. He is nothing but a choke artist. As a starting quarterback, he has only one playoff win in seven seasons. In the game against the Washington Redskins he threw three interceptions bringing his season total to thirteen.

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