• He is very good & think for others

    See America is well developed only because of Barack Obama. He controlls every thing good in America all the things go fine because of Obama. I like Presidents like that . I am an Indian telling this from India .Iam 13 YEARS old and study in 7 .INDORE in sathya sai vidhya vihar.

  • It's Bush's problems

    George Bush's war with Iraq cost tons of money, and his poor choices ruined the economy. While Barack Obama is not the greatest president, I think he gets unfairly criticized. Before he could improve anything Obama had to dig us out of the hole we were in, and he's still picking up the pieces left by GW Bush.

  • Too much to ask of any 1 person

    How can we expect one man to change everything that is wrong in our country? Simply you can't put that all one one person or even one group of people. All we can ask and hope is for him to make choices that leave us a little better off than we were before he started.

  • Everyone expects him to fix everything instantaneously.

    He is one man who is working very hard to try to fix the economy but the economy is in a very bad place. There is so much to fix and it isn't an easy job. Yet everyone is outraged that he doesn't have the whole economy situation fixed yet. I would like to see someone fix the economy in 4 years time. I believe cutting the taxes on the poor and slightly raising them on the rich will help the struggling middle class.

  • Is too much being expected from Barack Obama?

    Yes too much is expected from President Barack Obama. Previous President Bush was elected for two terms, a total of 8 years, and destroyed our economy. How can America expect President Obama to fix 8 years worth of problems in 4 years? He did not drag America into this problem, he stepped into office much like FDR, once the mess was already made. He has created many programs to try to fix the economy. Not every program will work. Not every program installed by FDRi n the 1930s worked. But there has been progress on part of President Obama. All of Americas problems can not be fixed overnight. Too much blame has been put on President Obama and far too much is expected of him.

  • Republican

    Trickle down works with control and that hasn't manifested itself. Social manipulation hasn't worked due to the funding issue. If we cannot get across the board participation this country will fail. True economic reform comes from the sacrifice of the many....democrats and republicans alike. The government cannot solve all social ills and in fact creates most of them.

  • Barack Obama inherited a mess when he took office, and the nation's expectations are unrealistic.

    When Obama took office, he had a failing economy to deal with and a war on several fronts. At the same time, as the first African-American President, he had many citizens expecting either a miracle, or a complete failure, during his tenure. He has been blamed for the economy in many venues, but, in actuality, the economy was failing before he took office, due to the actions of private business and his predecessors. Expecting one man to reverse and fix the mistakes of years, while having to fight for support within the government and the public, is unrealistic.

    Posted by: ElfinDamien34
  • It was impossible from the beginning for any man, including Barack Obama, to meet the overwhelming expectations set for the Obama presidency.

    There was little chance that Barack Obama would meet his own expectations for his presidency, let alone those set by others. A rank newcomer to the broken political process in Washington, Obama had high hopes for curing society's ails too fast. Instead, with little personal experience to draw on, he took on key issues like the faltering economy, ending the Iraqi war, major health care reform, energy independence and immigration reform. He got a slow start on his own agenda, because of the disastrous economy he inherited, and his ability to deliver new reforms died when the House lost its democratic majority. The fact that the world expected too much of an untested Barack Obama showed vividly in the premature award of the Nobel Peace Prize. The mere fact that he wasn't George Bush was enough for the rest of the world. Perhaps it should have been enough for us, too.

    Posted by: StandingGerald60
  • Yes, I agree that too much is expected of Obama, because he is expected to perform miracles with very little to work with.

    Obama is doing the best anyone could expect of another person with what he has to work with. Nobody can heal eight years of damage left by someone else, especially someone with a sketchy personal agenda such as Bush had, in just a couple of years. It's safe to say this country will never fully recover from the fiasco that is the war on Iraq. Obama has not been given the support and time needed to accomplish much of anything.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • I feel too much is being expected from President Obama.

    President Obama made so many promises while campaigning that will never come to light. Health care for all Americans is the biggest crock I ever heard of. People need to wake up and understand that the President is unable to make policies on his own, it takes all branches of the government to pass bills and make laws. Obama is not living up to all the hype that was placed on him. All politicians make promises that they surely will never be able to keep. We all expect more from any President than they will ever be able to do for us.

    Posted by: JasmynB
  • He came in at a bad time...

    ...But only a handful of presidents have actually started their time in office during a good time. Also, he wasn't pushed into running for office. He got votes by telling us that he was capable of being a good president; thus, he created the expectations for himself. He is not the only president to govern under a difficult time and no president has ever been approved of by the entire public.

  • President Obama

    Of course he inherited a mess. Every president inherits the consequences of previous presidents. The only president who made significant changes that carried through to the next presidency was President Roosevelt and I believe he served 8 years. There was time to allow a “change” to evolve….and it was positive. I don’t believe we show vote on the methods of leadership. We should vote on the results of the leadership. It is simply a difference in how economics work. Does the basic formal of economics work in government? I would like to believe it does. Candidate Romney maintains that the government must (1) reduce spending, (2) take away the tax loop holes for the wealthy and reduce taxes for the middle class. This makes more sense than Obama’s plan to simply increase the tax rate for the wealthy. I believe that all Americans need to remember that it is the “wealthy” who contribute sizeable amounts of money to charities (yes, I know it is tax deductible, but does it matter, considering who benefits from the giving?), who contribute huge money to start up enterprises. This is very important to the poor and struggling people of this country. Because Steve Jobs made (a well-earned) huge income does not entitle me to be given some of his income. No, it does not. And I would also like to say, God bless this country whose government allows this type of free speech without negative consequences. What a great country!!

  • Absolutely not.

    He is the President. For now. He is expected to fulfill the duties of the President and no one has asked him to do anything more. Unfortunately, he hasn't lived up to his duties. Lots of Presidents inherited "messes". Some made tem better in the time that they had. Some, like Obama, made them worse. It's not that he has been asked to do more than he should, it's that he isn't equipped to do the task he signed up for.

    Posted by: DAC
  • Who's expecting what of him?

    I don't think any large segment of the population holds ridiculously high expectations from Barack Obama, for instance I don't hear anyone clamoring that he create world peace or fix the economy to 0% employment and no debt, but Obama's bombed many expectations he himself set, as well as other modest expectations that people hold, such as "not increasing the debt by a massive amount". Additionally, liberals are constantly trying to play up Bush's role in the current climate, and play down Obama's role, so I would say that, with the possible exception of a few extremists, too much is not being expected from Obama.

  • He's been the President for four years

    Obama has been the President for four years now and his time is now up. Barack Obama gave himself overwhelming expectations for the Presidency and has broken those promises. He said that in his first term, he would cut the deficit in half -- obviously that has not happened.
    He stated that the stimulus package would keep the unemployment rate down below 7% -- it has been over 8% for a record period of time (note, the real unemployment rate is actually over 10%!).
    President Obama: Your Time is Up.

  • Helping With Welfare

    No, he has not really helped create jobs and puts people on welfare, giving them money to sit around and do nothing (some people do actually but others do not). Not just anyone should be on welfare. I think Mitt Romney should be president to lower taxes on the rich so that the money they spend can trickle down to the poor to create jobs and help them spend more money on other people's products.

  • President Obama promised so much, and he has delivered so little.

    President Obama was very vague on what he was promising, other than hope and change, but he did make grand promises on what to expect. He actually promised that this would be when the Earth would start to heal itself and the rising oceans would start to turn. He has delivered almost nothing, and things are worse now than when he took office. Everything he seems to touch seems to be worse now than it used to be.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Too much is not being expected from Barack Obama, because he is our president, and we have every right to expect him to be a proper leader.

    I just do not understand everyone's allowance for weakness with Barack Obama. He is our President and he is expected to be our leader. There is so much that goes along with this, and he knew it coming into this. There should be a lot expected of him, and then some more. He knew what state our economy was in, what our standing on the international front was, and what would be expected of him, and it is his responsibility to follow through.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I saw all of this coming.

    People say Bush ruined this country but that is not true, no one looks who is behind the scenes running the show. Its congress that needs to be blamed for the issues that Obama has to "deal with". He made so many promises about getting us out of the war and look at where he is headed now, right into Lybia to start another one. I realize that these things take time but to be a complete hypocrite of your own policies just makes you look like a two-faced moron. I do believe that he did not know what he was getting into and once he got there he realized that all of his promises to make things better quickly turned into false hopes for the American people.

  • He is a man that should have known what he was getting into.

    I would just like to say one thing on this.... Was President Obama truthfully born in the United States? Or was he born in Kenya?

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