Is too much of a big deal being made about the Hilary Clinton email scandal?

  • Yes, the Clinton email scandle is being blown out of proportion.

    Although Hillary Clinton did mismanage her email while Secretary of State, the events that occurred are being focused on to an obsessive degree. This is because of the current presidential election. Although such highly influential elected officials should be held to a higher standard, her actions were not as substantial as they are being made out to be.

  • It's time to focus on things besides the Clinton email scandal

    Hillary Clinton is continuing to get flack for using a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Headline after headline comes out with new, tiny details and claims about this scandal. I think that we should all take a leaf from Bernie Sanders' book, where he said that "America is tired of hearing about the emails." We are - let's devote news space to something else.

  • No Hillary's emails aren't too big of a deal

    Hillary Clinton went against policy with this email scandal so it can't be overlooked therefore too much of a big deal is not being made on this issue. With Hillary in office, this time at president, you never know what she might do. If a big deal wasn't made she may try to do it again.

  • No, there should be all of this attention on the Hilary Clinton email scandal.

    No, there is not too much of a big deal being made about the Clinton email scandal. Clinton is in a position where she could become president of the United States, and the citizens should be able to trust a candidate. The fact that she did not properly handle secret information should be made into this big of a deal so that voters can be fully aware and legal action can be taken.

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