• Indeed it is

    Alright, I get that certain rides or exhibits call upon a "Too tall" factor. But surely such attractions can easily be ridden by taller people. Why is it unfair? Because you cannot "Un-grow"! Kids can grow and become tall enough to ride a roller coaster, but adults cannot shrink to ride a Merry-go-round. Most will eventually become tall enough to use a ride, but people who've passed a height limit can't go back. Most people aren't that tall, a height limit is unnecessary and can be worked around.

  • No its isn't.

    I never thought 'too tall' could be a thing. How is it a problem? In my opinion,being tall is quite awesome! So what about height limits? I mean,its just a ride,right? Its not that big a deal and people shouldn't set a 'perfect body image' just so that society will accept them. In the long run,being tall is an advantage,not a loss.

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