• Yes least more then once.

    Information is sometimes more valuable then morals, so that justifies some tortures. If lives are in stake and if its the for the good of the country It would be best to put aside morals and sympathy. For instance, what if a bomber had placed timed bombs in public places? If the bomber is captured I think torture would be necessary and justified. Put aside morality for the sake of others or you can give sympathy for the families of the lives who died from your lack of a backbone

  • Advanced Interrogation Technique

    Torture is an "advanced interrogation technique" that is far more effective than other interrogation techniques. Information is easily retrieved from individuals through torture. Therefore in this case, it can be justified.

    As a form of judicial punishment, torture serves the purpose well. Torture is mentally captivating for both the observer and the sufferer. As the observer would understand the consequences of disobedience and the sufferer would understand the extent of which the power of the state has over him/her. The pain of the torture will also teach the sufferer a lesson that they should have obeyed authority. Everybody learns from this, therefore society becomes a better place.

    The argument that torture is inhumane or cruel is laughable. Ethics and morality is subjective. Different people will have different definitions of morality. We should not look at the justifiability of torture based on our emotions but rather on the "net benefits" gained from torture. E.g. information retrieved from interrogation. Torture is way more effective that other interrogation techniques with the exception of use of leverages. E.g. threatening to rape/kill their wife and kids if they don't cooperate.

    If the information extracted is incorrect, then you will have to torture them further or kill some members of their family as a demonstration of your power. If they have no further information to give, then judging by his/her crimes, the appropriate punishment shall be installed for them.

  • Sometimes there is no other way.

    If the person you are torturing is part of an organization that is harming an american and other methods have tried and failed, who is more important, the criminal, or the innocent american?

  • No, because people will say anything to get the torture to stop, rendering it useless.

    Questioning or interrogating someone while torturing them is not likely to result in useful information. People will say anything, or admit to anything, to avoid being tortured. In some countries with oppressive governments, people will accuse innocent people of criminal activity to save themselves, and innocent people are tortured until they admit to things they didn't do, and punished as scapegoats. Torture is cruel and useless.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • There are different kinds of torture.

    There is the kind done on evil bastards to release info to save lives.

    Then there is the torture of prisoners of war as policy. You know, those soldiers who just happened to be fighting on the wrong side. This kind is in humane.

    But a lot of people can't get the difference between the two.

  • Fire with fire.

    Do you think that if terrorist were to capture your family, they wouldn't torture them? The Taliban, Al Qaeda, extremist, are all individuals who do not care for human rights or life. These individuals don't care if they have to chop off your fingers in order to get what they want. People need to understand that we're dealing with bad people, who have bad intentions. People say that if the US tortures individuals, we're as bad as they are? Who ever said that we had to be the good guys in the first place? This world is full of people that care about one thing, and one thing only: take human life. People say that it is against human rights, it is not morally right, and ethically wrong. Let me ask you this: Name me one group of terrorist that has ever cared about rights, morals, and human ethics. Please do.

  • In some cases it is necessary.

    If some one had information pertaining the a bomb that would kill thousands of innocent people, you would want to know about it. If they were not willing to give it up then torture would be necessary I know it is grim but is one life worth as many as thousands of lives. It is a tough call, but torture can be justified in some situations.

    Posted by: C0rn4Gamer
  • I oppose torture in any form under any circumstance because it is inhumane and the information gathered is unreliable.

    Torture should never be used for any reason. In the United States, we are not allowed to torture suspects in domestic crimes, so if we except these standards for ourselves, why should it be any different for our treatment of enemy combatants? In addition, I've head many experts familiar with interrogation techniques simply say: torture does not work. The information gathered is questionable at best. Therefore, let's not lower our human rights standards, especially when the results are unreliable, but more importantly inhumane.

    Posted by: WackyDel
  • Deserved.

    I don't think torture should ever be put lightly. But some people in this world do need it. Who here would say that if they were in a room with Hitler tied to a chair, you wouldn't get a bit violent with him. Also, for people like the parents of the poor 5 year old girl who was kidnapped in England recently. The suspect we have cannot be tortured, but by using some, I believe that child could be saved far quicker, if at all.

  • Of course.

    I am neither brainwashed nor do I have no idea what I am supportive of. I think physical and psychological torture are acceptable ways of getting anything that you want and/or need. People need to look at the big picture. If your (child, pet, mother, father, etc.) was abducted, and hidden, and the man won't tell you where she was hidden, you would, well, probably torture him for the information, would you not?

  • NO

    Those who say torture is okay should be tortured. They will not hold the same opinion, guaranteed.

    Torture is not just a word. Don't distance yourself from torture while you form such a vile and truly WRONG opinion. Torture is absolutely NEVER okay. It is never justified.

    Those who agree with torture are obviously, TORTURERS. I say let THEM experience it, so they know what they're advocating for.

    It is EVIL and never, ever okay. I'd like to see any one of these "advocates" say that they're willing to be tortured, or that they'd accept being tortured.

    That, is the better question.

  • You don't have the right

    EVEN if someone deserved to be tortured, which many who are illegally tortured do not, nobody has the right to deliberately harm another human being with the intention of causing the maximum physical and emotional pain. That is the most twisted, sadistic, cruel behavior imaginable and it is as inhumane as our rivals. A popular "YES" commentator had the audacity to state: "Give them a little electrical motivation, or water boarding, nothing that is permanent just momentary pain…" ARE YOU INSANE. Waterboarding means literally drowning someone to death and then bringing them back to life a moment later. You are physiologically drowning them over and over and over again, killing them over and over and over again, and this is not only physically traumatizing but emotionally destroying. It is one of the most extreme forms of torture known. Before you make uneducated claims trivializing the cruelty, sadism and inhumane treatment you support, at least try to even vaguely comprehend the magnitude of its impact on the human body and psyche. Torture is the ULTIMATE violation of another human being's basic human rights, and nothing and nobody has the right to violate them. Thus torture is unacceptable in any case. Our enemies may laugh at our hand wringing, but it is the very inhumanity and chaos, the inability to use diplomacy and appreciate peace, that we disdain in them and struggle against when it is directed towards us and the innocent among them. Becoming "more ruthless" will just antagonize them further or encourage them to compete. As a nation we have to set a role model of humanity and respect of everyone's equal rights.


    I'm guessing most of you who said YES are either brainwashed Americans or have no idea what you are supportive of. TORTURE is a gruesome thing to do, no matter who the victim is. I am sure that there are many other ways of finding out the information you need, without losing your humanity. Torture is what people were using in ancient times, am I naive to believe that humanity has evolved since then? If you are supporting things like torture, you are definitely supporting the involution of your status as a human being.

  • No one deserves that.

    There is not a person in this world that deserves torture. People might say that there are bad people out there, but I think not. There are no bad people, just good people making bad decisions. People can change their ways. Put them in jail or a mental help facility, and give them counseling. Torture is primitive, unhuman, unjust, and cruel.

  • We are not animals, but human beings with logic and a complex brain.

    How can certain countries be considered as barbaric when all countries implement torture? Look at the United States, they consider themselves as a "civil" country when they set up Guantanamo Bay and tortured prisoners (some coming out to be completely innocent). Waterboarding, drowning, sleep deprivation, humiliation, sexual abuse, and burnings have occurred there. Yet they consider themselves as civil human beings. It is so sad to see people in the world be convinced that the leaders actually care about them as their heads fill up with ideologies with minimal to no truth in them. This world is so corrupt and I really get upset seeing people believing the things they hear in the media. No one knows how to think for themselves anymore.

  • Who are we

    to torture torturers? What does that make us? Just monsters on the other side of the table.

  • Just, no...

    Torture brings about unreliable information (for instance, two men being tortured in Guantanamo Bay confessed to being two men in a video featuring Osama bin Laden; after confessing, they were proven to be innocent) which destroys the likelihood of it saving more lives than not.

  • I do not think that torture is ever justified it is cruel and inhuman, it shows no humanity.

    I do not believe in torture I feel it is not a necessary. I don't feel that criminals or anyone being tortured feels any remorse for what they have done. There is just the pain of the moment. It is not true justice it breeds hatred and contempt for the punisher. Only people that have no compassion makes torturing apart of their punishment practices.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • Never

    Imagine torture being legally implemented? Giving the State the right to torture a HUMAN BEING is a) Unconstitutional b) Ethically/Morally wrong c) Impractical d) Archaic c) Dangerous. Firstly, how can reliable intelligence ever be gained from torture? By Evolution, in it in our very nature as humans to shy away from pain. The victim will tell anyone willing to listen anything they want to hear to make it stop. They are not concerned with giving accurate information. Secondly, while torture remains illegal, any so-called evidence gained cannot be used in court. Thirdly, by permitting torture in one case i.e. terrorism, you're setting a precedent. Do we want a torture culture? For example, low-ranking soldiers tortured for sport in grotesque ways in Abu Ghraib prison, in Iraq. This leads me to another point- do we really want to countries such as the USA, one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world, the right to torture for information? Despite there being too numerous reasons for forbidding torture, both practical and moral, for me it all comes down to this. I don't want to be tortured and I don't want others to be tortured in the name of ideologies like "the greater good", or "the ends justify the means". No amount of lives saved is worth our humanity.

  • Barbaric and doesn't work

    Not only is torture barbaric in and of itself, it has never worked. Victims merely give as many lies as they can to end it. Also torturing enemy POWs would seem to give the opposing side the right to do the same to yours, at least in their minds - if you don't observe the Geneva Convention, why should they? Many give examples such as "what if a bomb was about to go off" but in the time it takes to capture, transport and interrogate a prisoner, even if they give the correct answer, it will most likely have gone off. Why give the opposing side an excuse to do the same to your own? It's also unconstitutional (you have a right to trial, fair treatment etc.) if anyone still pays any attention to the constitution anymore other than Amendment #2...

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