• Only ever as a way of extracting information.

    I think that torture is justified in very specific circumstances. For example to extract information from a known offender who has committed a crime of a certain severity; and if there is a reasonable degree of certainty that they know said information.
    However I do not believe that torture should ever be used as a punishment or as a deterrent as I disagree with it on a morale level and believe this will not aid in rehabilitating prisoners, as after all this is the main aim of prison sentences.

  • Only in a Ticking Clock scenario

    The only time that, in my opinion, torture could be deemed permissible, is in a scenario where you need vital information from a suspect quickly, that could wind up saving lives (though such a scenario would be extremely rare and unlikely to occur), and even in that scenario, it's debatable whether or not it even work. Besides that, my answer would be an emphatic "no." Torturing someone, even someone who is an evil individual, as means for punishment, isn't justice.

  • YES, a great idea

    I believe enhanced interrogation of those who have probable cause of being extremely dangerous is ok. We cannot give terrorists a foot rub and have them spill the beans, they need a rod of iron to strike them and maybe they will talk. Enhanced interrogation is essential is reconnaissance and the assurance of justice in the modern world.

  • Of course it can be alright.

    I do believe that "Enhanced Interrogation" is alright in CERTAIN situations. Hell, even just hurting someone is, in my mind, justifiable. For example, if there is a man who blew up a subway station and survived who claimed he was part of a terrorist organization, I think that using pain to get information is justifiable. Also, I do believe that if someone were to, you know, do the casual thing of slaughtering a family (except for, say, a child who was forced to watch), I believe that he deserves torture, not the death penalty.

    Basically, only in extreme/dire situations should torture be acceptable.

  • Punishment is not a virtue

    People that commit crimes against humanity lack understanding and need help to find balance in their lives.

    If you believe torture is a correct form of punishment, you should be tortured, then you will gain a new perspective on this question.

    Do not inflict pain onto others that hurt you, show compassion and try to understand why they behave the way they do.

  • No human deserves torture

    What different are we, if we do equal evils, instead of trying to restore justice. I do not think it is the government's business to kill people, and torturing is even worse. Not ever should a citisen of the world ever deserve "civilised" torture. We should instead resort to more humane ways of punishment; even the death penalty is more humane.

  • Torture is abhorrent and uncivilized.

    For decades we( the US) always condemned human rights abuses by other nations but now suddenly we think it,s a good idea when we do it? When you begin to act like your enemy then you,re no better than they are and don,t have a moral leg to stand on. In many cases our military or intelligence interrogators tortured people rounded up people off the streets in Iraq And Afghanistan who were only suspected of having knowledge about enemy activity whether they really did or not. I don,t doubt that in the process, we actually recruited more terrorists than we stopped.

  • While enhanced interrogation seems a reliable method of intercepting information, it is not ethical at all.

    While humans will never be perfect or devoid of sin, it will neither further you nor I in our goals. Enhanced interrogation is just not something I can stomach, let's be honest. Also, enhanced interrogation is seen as negative reinforcement. I believe that most criminals if put in the right setting and environment, can learn. Only when a person is so corrupted that they cannot be deemed safe anymore (which is a lot of people, come to think of it) will I approve of enhanced interrogation. Then and ONLY then. Why should you care what I think? Because I have experienced pain. You have experienced pain. I am not willing to inflict continuous pain upon any organism because I know what it feels like. If we resort to a world where pain is a reliable and accepted motivator, then we need to do some serious thinking. RESOLVED.

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