• Yes, torture is right.

    Yes, I believe that torture is right in certain situations and as long as torture tactics are not being abused. Extreme situations like a threat of our national security call for torture to be used as a means to get the information needed. The torture of one prisoner doe snot outweigh the pain of a whole nation.

  • Torture may have it's place in war

    Torture is not a good go to tactic to be applied generally. Their are times of imminent danger when torture may be permissible. If there's an imminent threat and someone of interest will not tell you what the plan is, it may be a good tactic to employ on the grounds of saving lives. It is however, at tactic that should be used only in certain subjective situations.

  • Yes, torture is fine.

    Some people need to get tortured. They need to get what they deserve. This includes child molesters and murderers. Spies should also be tortured for spying on our country and to spill their secrets. Victims should be able to torture the people who commited crimes against them. This would start their healing process.

  • Torture keeps you safe!

    Often times in cases were torture was used to gain information many lives were at stake. Torture leads to the destruction of one's will to resist giving answers to another human being. If we did not torture we might never discover many things ex: where a bomb might be going off in the near future. Through torture we not only learn things for our nation we also can inform our enemies that we will go to any means to get our way fear is man's greatest weakness and we need to exploit that if we cannot exploit this than we will fall as a nation. Being this large we are a target for many other nations. Why have other nations not struck back? Not because they love us, no because they fear us.

  • When the USA needs to know when an attack is to be launched we HAVE TO KNOW

    Many may be against this in this issue but think about it this way, the USA has intelligence that the Taliban is probably launching an attack this month where you live and the CIA needs to know when it will be to stop the attack. This was just an example of when torture would be right. And maybe this terrorist attack was in your home town and the only way the CIA could stop it was by using advanced interrogation methods like torture such as water boarding

  • In certain sistuations

    When it comes to defeating the enemy and protecting the homeland i agree with it , as long as its against the enemy.. I knw the U.S promised no torture and they would "never" do it ,but they have and terrorists deserve to get tortured. Theyll blow a baby up if they could. But the CIA torturing terrorists only was helpful with one person out of 200 detainess. And they should torture if they have proof , some people was at places at the wrong time and was thought a terrorists

  • The results justify the means.

    To start, the US torture methods involve no serious injury. Compare that to any US soldier who was captured in the recent wars, and were mortally wounded as a result. We have all heard of the terrible ways Nazis tortured their prisoners, and after the war many officials were tried and convicted of the terrible crimes. Our torture is not harmful, save to the mind. History will one day judge us for what we have done, and history is written by the victors.

    One life is not worth many. If torture is the only to get the information necessary to stop an attack on the people, then it should be by all means an option.

  • Torture Is Not Right

    I believe the best way to answer this question is to answer a few questions regarding your own feelings about being tortured. If you were caught by a country and they felt you had information they wanted, would you be okay with them torturing you? There are very few people in the world who would agree to being tortured. No one wants to be tortured, so why do we have to even ask, if it's okay? It's clearly not okay.

  • Torture is wrong.

    No, torture is wrong because I am a victim of torture and I think about the incident all the time. Torture causes PTSD, and people may never recover from it. Torture should be life in prison because the people who you tortured lived and are still out there for you to torture again.

  • Torture is never right

    Anyone who tries to argue that torture can ever be acceptable should be diminished immediately from any discussion. Torture is never right, and never produces laudable results, this has been attested to by decades of empirical research. Anyone who wants to undertake such a violation of human rights is not someone who should be trusted.

  • Torture is wrong and unnecessary in ALL situations.

    Torture is wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. It is a horrible experience for a person to go through. Also, when we hear about American POWs (in WWII especially) being tortured, I would expect that most sane people would feel bad for the POWs. However, if America were to condone torture methods, then you could never get mad at other countries for employing torture methods. It would be sad for those POWs but the other country was just doing their job and there is no reason to get mad at them. Also, torture doesn't work. Many people who are being tortured will say anything to make their torturers stop. Take, for example, Marcus McDilda. He was an American captured by the Japanese during WWII after the US dropped the two atomic bombs. They tortured him for information on the atomic bombs and the Manhattan project, asking him how many atomic bombs the US had and what its next targets were. McDilda had no idea and said the US had 100 more and was planning to hit Tokyo and Kyoto next. Many people believe that this completely inaccurate information was part of the reason that Japan surrendered. Therefore, torture is wrong and also very unhelpful.

  • Depends On The Circumstance

    I do not like torture, and it should rarely be used. The only time torture should be used as a tactic of extracting information is when the situation is dire. For instance, and these examples are ridiculous, if the president has been kidnapped, or if their is a rumored assassination attempt, or if there has been rumors about blowing up the nations capital, etc. if it is not really important, torture should not be used.

  • It is inhumane

    Torture is inhumane and cruel behaviour. It is barbaric and is the same as intentionally hurting a person. Since hurting a person (e.G. Attacking a person) is wrong, torture should be wrong as well.

    While many cite reasons such as terrorists and national security, I believe that torture is not the right approach.

    By torturing terrorists, you are only increasing the hate they harbour towards you. It is the same concept towards drone attacks and ground troops. People argue against those two things because they cannot stop terrorism. If you want to get people to stop hating you, you should stop giving them reasons to hate you. Bombing their homes and killing their people is not going to make them like you. It is education and getting rid of terrorists leaders (done together!) that will solve the root of the problem.

    As for national security, even during war, torture is technically illegal. We have all heard of the terrible ways Nazis tortured their prisoners, and after the war many officials were tried and convicted of the terrible crimes. They can't do it, why can we? If we torture our prisoners or spies, we will simply be stooping to their level. History will one day judge us for what we have done.

  • It is an abuse of human rights

    Although it is understood that torture may obtain information especially during extreme situations (for example, war,etc) we have to understand that torture would be abusing human rights. In fact sometimes torture may end up to false information being obtained such as if someone forced a man through torture to say a piece of info even if it was not true. An example is the gunpowder plot, where that may happen after the culprits was captured.

  • NO it isn't

    I do not think that torture is alright in any way shape or form. We are all human beings and we need to treat others with the kind of respect and dignity that each of us deserve. There is no room for torture or violent behavior. People who engage in these actions should be punished accordingly.

  • Torture is not right.

    Torture is not right because it is a barbaric practice and it should not be performed by anyone. Many countries have outlawed torture specifically for this reason. Torturing others also justifies other countries in using torture against you. No one wants to live in a world where torture is commonplace.

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