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  • Why would you buy anything else?

    I have had my 2007 Toyota Tundra for 9 years now, and it has been nothing short of absolutely perfect. I work as an outdoor photographer and as many of you know, getting the perfect picture is never easy. I have gone through just about any terrain you can imagine in this truck, without a hint of difficulty. I have never gotten stuck, ever. But I have pulled countless Chevy's, Ford's, and Dodge's out of deep mud, sand, or snow. I have just over 310,000 miles on this truck now and it runs the same as the first day I bought it. Also, I have never taken it to the shop for any mechanical issues. Only for brakes, tires, etc. If this doesn't give you enough reasoning to buy a Toyota truck, I don't know what will.

  • Dude, the Land Cruiser

    Just drive a Land Cruiser through the snow, mud, dirt, even in the fucking Sahara. Also, all of this with the stock car... Now think about modifying it. Then you have other models like the AE86, another masterpiece in drift. Try it, then you'll use Toyota for the rest of your life!

  • Reliable dependable cars

    Toyota is the most reliable. It's relatively cheap. And also toyota is the pioneer of hybrid vehicals. There is a toyota model suitable to anyone. Even in luxury car segment toyota is the best. Lexus compete well with german manufactureres even in the european market in us toyota is a huge success. Customer service is great.

  • Most dependable wver

    Top gear has shown the resilience of the toyota hilux. I own 94 Toyota pickup. I have been I two wrecks and still drives fine. I drove it home after both incidents. All I needed to replace was a tail light. The body has taken a beating but all other aspects are fine. What the hell

  • Toyota is BEST

    Toyota has a good price, is very reliable, mileage stays low for long and is almost mechanically perfect. It is of better quality versus rivals e.g. Honda and has a range of cars for different types of people: families, teens and elderly. Overall best cheap economy car. Best car tobuy.

  • Japan is the best

    Japan ultimately sets the standard for automobiles. They have the best work ethic and stress quality over anything else. I personally have owned many Toyotas from the past and they have never disappointed me with their perdormancy and reliability. I might also be a weeaboo but who cares, Japan is number one

  • Facts are facts

    Of course every car manufacturer will have problems and make mistakes (both managerially and mechanically) . However, bottom line, no one is perfect and no one is better than Toyota. Recalls? - not perfect but better than everyone else. Quality? - not perfect but much better than everyone else including Honda - this is well documented in multiples studies. Service? - compare an oil change at a Toyota dealer versus a Chevy dealer. You could argue that this is a matter of opinion but for me reliability trumps everything and Toyota is # 1. Too bad unions will never allow American manufactures to compete with foreign cars because I would prefer to buy American.

  • That's not true!

    Toyota only manufacture cars for the middle class which is the most populated class that why the company won the most selling cars in the world. But you cant compare Toyota with Lambos for example, Lambos are one of the best cars in the world, its luxurious and have one of the best suspensions and motors in the world. They're not ranked as the best cars or the best company because its expensive and made for the upper class only which is just a minority world wide.

  • Toyota Just A Player

    I believe that a lot of current car manufacturer's do a decent job of assembling and getting cars out on the market. I do not believe Toyota is the best car manufacturer. Toyota has had some recalls in the past, as well as being called out for not recalling items when they should. This isn't atypical of auto manufacturer's, so I would say they are on par with many others like Chevy, Ford, Kia, and Hyundai.

  • For different things

    If you said Toyota was the best you'd be saying Toyota is the best for everything thus the answer would be for the best sports car brand - Toyota yet Toyota is not an official sports car brand their department Lexus is but we are talking about the over all brand. Also you may notice officially the Volkswagen polo blue-motion is the most fuel economic production car in the world and we are not even talking about production car's here the PAC-car is the best for fuel economy and so on. Also as a last point this is all a matter of opinion, if you think Toyota's are the best then they are for you.

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