• Privacy Above All

    We should not have to sacrifice our privacy for the convenience of the internet. This is another way for the federal government to play big brother. This is another way for those competing for the almighty dollar, advertisers, to get in our faces We already are bombarded with advertising at this point. Tracking private web use is too close for comfort.

  • Web marketers cross the line by collecting personal information and habits.

    Marketing has always been a bit of a black art but the web has turned the industry into dark magic. People's actions, despite their wishes or best intentions, are being tracked, measured, and identified in an effort to turn their environment against them in an attempt to create perfect consumers. Human communications have reached a watershed moment and new ethics are needed to protect the humanity of the internet.

  • Yes, I tracking private web use is a violation of privacy.

    In an attempt to match products and services to an individuals needs, companies are using tracking software to invade the privacy of consumers. To the company it seems like a harmless way to market their products and services, but to the consumer it is a bit intrusive. A person's private web browsing should not be public knowledge to a company.

  • Yes, tracking of my web use is invading my privacy

    The ever wired World is creating an environment where no single person is free to have a private moment. It may not be exactly as George Orwell predicted in 1984, but it is getting close enough. Private web use is the same as private thoughts. Tracking of my private web use is like spying on whats going on in my brain.

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