Is traditional Asian parenting style (Authoritarian style) good for the child's well-being?

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  • It just has to work:

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    "Amy Chua is the daughter of Chinese immigrants to the United States. Her parents, she says, were “extremely strict but extremely loving.” She tried to raise her kids the same way... For instance, Chua says she never allowed her kids to have a playdate, watch TV, participate in a school play, or choose their own extra-curricular activities. The kids are also not allowed to “get any grade less than an A” or “not be the No. 1 student in every subject except gym and drama.” ", interesting.

    I mean I guess it sounds rough but it works.

  • Cultivates mindless sheep.

    Living in Asia I have personally lived the authoritarian style parenting. It is okay on certain degrees but some cons pretty much outweighs the pros. The worst downside to the authoritarian style parenting is cultivating mindless sheep who basically lack creativity or courage to stand out and have opinions. Its sort of being practiced by teachers also here in Asia. It is proven to me through experience and observation I could have been better of making my own decisions and having my own opinions. I was too constricted too the dogma that was force-fed into my system. Because of that, I have a certain degree of resentment to most of my elders.

    This wasn't much of an opinion wasn't it?

  • Too much of criticism and punishment is not going to make the child better.

    That includes mental and psychological state. Asian parents generally suppress their child's opinion and perspective on way of life. They would always say they have superior achievements and characteristics, without explaining the reasons. The parents keep making the child feeling guilty of something that they never did (so that they have control over their child's personal life). If this keeps up until their child becoming an adult, they may be successful. But are they happy with how their family treated them? I doubt it, for their sense of self-confidence and autonomy are severely behind of an average individual of the same age.

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