• No one respects good music anymore.

    Today we again see another disgraceful strike against traditional music. The jazz that they play at Preservation Hall has to modernize in order to keep people coming in. This is showing the interest gap between the two generations on music interests. We can see the gaps in other music groups besides jazz. The Baby boomers generation is in love with music groups like Def Leopard, Skid Row, and Metallica, but today’s generation is in love with Srillix, Iron Maden, and Justin Beiber. It’s sad that today the traditional music that we all love and enjoy is slowly dying due to the new generation.

  • Traditional music died in the 90's

    Today you'll only hear music that disrespects women in a very explicit matter. None of what you can play 20 years from now around your children and speak about what happened during your day. When I hear the term traditional music I think of trending music in a positive matter.

  • Is definitely Dead! And it should stay that way!

    Audioholic Consumer purchases has never been that confusing when traditional music were still alive. I remember back in the days where they said Audeze LCD is the best headphone at the market. But putting it on my ears tells a complete different story. Weak Bass, sloppy noise distortion and ear piercing sound effects are the music of traditions! With today amplification, loudness = power. And Power = fun! So, traditional music must be killed to embrace technological change! If technology still comforts and chord with traditions, then music would be boring. E.G. Beetles, gosh awful sounding piece of crap! Boing boing boing....Just like church music, you want that? No wonder, they are losing audience....

  • Hell no it isn't

    I listen to traditional music of my culture. Bagpipes and drums. Here in scotland we always treasure our traditional music, it is our history, its our present and shall always be our future. I do not know what traditional music is like in other parts in the world but here in scotland, traditional music shall always be in our hearts and souls.

  • No , stance is ridiculous

    Anything that was recorded or written into musical notation is still alive. In some ways some traditoinal music is more alive than ever. Plenty of people have access to music they would never had had access to if not for the internet. I've discovered many folk and jazz artists of old through youtube, grooveshark, and pandora. Pop music usually is garbage, no different than any generation. Perhaps getting stinkier than usual recently

  • People do respect music. There's just more of it.

    The examples you listed of todays music is hardly universally loved, I mean especially Justin Bieber. There's a lot more variety in todays music than ever before and if you choose to ignore it than that is your loss. If you want to listen to Jazz music or music like classical rock there's bands out there for that. However there's so much more to music now and that much more to appreciate. Music is meant to go through evolution and it will continue to do so. You can either live in the past or go with the flow and appreciate music holistically and not just one facet of it.

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