• Traditional Worship Is Fine

    Without a doubt, traditional religious worship is still alive and well. Millions of people attend church or synagogue each and every week. Millions of peopel still worship their given lord and pray on a regular basis. With that in mind, traditional religious worship is doing fine despite a decline in worship.

  • Very much so

    Traditional religions all over the world are very much alive and well. While the more educated and Western societies are moving away from religion, the huge population of the world is still very religious, especially South America, Africa, and parts of Asia and America. It all matters who is being talked of.

  • Yes,traditional religious worship is still alive and well.

    Yes,traditional religious worship is still alive and well.There are certain religions that are just as prevalent as they were thousands of years ago so their followers have the privilege of worshipping in the same fashion as people worshipped in previous generations.These people feel like tradition is an important thing to be able to hang on to.

  • Traditional religious worship is not alive and well.

    Although religion is still very visible in the modern world, most people do not actually believe in it or observe the traditional ceremonies. Even people who go to church do out mostly out of habit and not out of genuine faith. The world has changed and religion must change with it.

  • Young People Leaving Churches

    Several articles from 2012 and 2013 tout young people abandoning Christian churches because of hypocritical and isolationist practices at various religious organizations. Fewer people want to become Catholic priests. Churches are often seen as too judgmental of what today's youth needs. Traditional worship in Christian churches has some very serious problems that need to be addressed if Christianity is to be saved from its own shortcomings.

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