• In the bible it says that God made you the way your original gender for a reason!

    God does not make mistakes, so you can't be born in the wrong body.
    You also were born in a female (or male) body for a reason, not so you can go and change it! Besides,transgendering is the stupidest thing you could ever do! NO MORE TRANSGENDERS! NO MORE TRANSGENDERS!

  • Yes it's wrong.

    Transgender is creepy and weird. You're made MAN or WOMAN. I won't get religion involved because that seems to just get everyone even more on edge. Look, your brain goes with your body, and your body with your brain. You don't have two genders constructed within you. People feel like their body is not right because one day a little boy puts on a dress and it feels right. Seriously, it's called dress up. And because of all of the criticism, that's encouraging to them that people "won't understand, but this is you." A man has roles in the world and so do women. When you start messing that all up it messes everything else up in life. Its a messy way to get attention and you can't really change your body.

  • Goes against God's will

    Goes against God's will. God did not intend for men to wear women's clothing and for women to wear men's clothing . It's very selfish to do and you're basically telling God that I don't care what your laws are; I'm going to do what I want to do. It states in the Bible that this is a sin and goes against God's wishes.

  • It's not humane

    I really think it is so sad that the media has made people think that they are in the wrong bodies? The human body is magnificent and beautiful. It is so wrong to change your sex because of thoughts that have been brought on by the media. We will no longer be a part of nature, we will just be genectically modified creatures.

  • Transgender Sincerely Wrong

    Transgender is against nature. The abnormal practice completely goes against all that nature has given them, and nature shows us clearly what two genders there are without mistakes, no "oops! I'm born in the wrong body". People are born male or female. When someone feels like they must alter their sex to make them happy, they are simply lying to themselves, and to coward to face the truth. It should be questioned if any transsexuals have ever been brave enough to try to face themselves and overcome their problems. Instead they would rather harm themselves and society more, by creating a lie. This is lazy, it's selfish, it's against nature and themselves. You are born one sex, it doesn't matter if your remove this, and add that. You can't erase what you are. Even when one alters their gender, they are not thought of as the gender they "changed" to by other people, no one knows whether to call them ma'am or sir. Some say it's not a choice, It's proven that people are completely capable of their feelings and emotions, and thoughts. If they truly tried to be what is natural and what is given to them, they would accomplish that goal. You are what you are, you can't help yourself by lying, and you can't accomplish happiness by ignoring what nature has given you. Some say when has the body mattered? If the body doesn't matter, then why must trans-genders waste so much money on a worthless, disgusting cause when they could be spending money on a starving child's needs. Also, what's with picking on the Christian folk? It's irrelevant to the argument. I don't practice the religion myself, but that religion is the only reason you are able to argue about this now, if you don't know what I'm talking about, learn your history! Just remember that while we are arguing about silly things like trans-genders every 2 minutes a girl 12 or younger is being rapped or forced into prostitution. And some aren't worried about their sex, but are starving to death and worried if they will see another day of life.

  • Whether sin or not, artificial it is. A copy of something natural, not natural itself.

    I do not wish to judge another person and the choices they make. However, I do strongly believe that unnatural changes to the human body can not be good for us in the long run. The more we want to control, and the more we try to control and the more we take into our own hands. I am unsure that there will ever be a limit to the extent to which we alter and modify that which is natural to provide what we 'want' and what we deem 'desirable'. There are some things in the world which should not be modified, and the human body, I believe is one of them. At what point do we say enough is enough?

  • Plain and Simple God made you who you are!

    I would never judge a person who is transgender...I know I will get hate for this but people need to realize that it a sin. It doesn't mean you go to hell or God doesn't love you it is just that God loves you and if he wanted you to be certain gender, then that is how you were born. This is the same as being gay! However I am not here to start another debate. I'm positive if you ask for forgiveness you can still go to heaven male or female, trans, gay, or natural(? Not trying to label just can't think of a better word right now). If you are, for example, a female and want to be a male, just pray! God will guide you on your path. Now since I am not God I am not certain of this, but if you think God is saying to change, keep praying because I believe that would be more of satin trying to deceive you. Whatever your situation, I pray that the Lord will give you strength.

  • In the end

    We all die the same way. Why spend so much money trying to change your sex. Sex is not that important. What is important is improving the world while you are here. Doing good in the limited time you have. Not using a ton of money and time to change something that is not that important to begin with.

  • It's simply wrong and a gross sin.

    A person may be inclined to steal but because of self-control, he doesn't steal. A person may be more inclined to violence but because of self-control, he doesn't commit acts of violence toward others. What's wrong is wrong and this is wrong on every level and must never ever be accepted in society. This is disgusting.

  • Yes its wrong.

    Its disgusting. I dont understand whats wrong with people in the world anymore. This would is so sick. I hope i never meet one of these trans women because i think i might throw up if i had sex and found out later they used to be a male. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • This debate is outdated

    There is a reason gender and sex are separate things.
    The XX/XY chromosome argument is outdated and ignores intersex people. Neuroscience and psychology support the fact transgender people do not have a choice in being who they are. I don't understand how this is even still a debate topic. I don't see what religion has to do with this topic at all either.

  • Transgender is right

    I On the inside, some people don't feel at home with who they are on the outside, who they have to be. Imaging the mind of a boy trapped in a girls body. He wants to hang out with other guys, and wear guys clothes and crush on girls with his buddies. But he can't. He has to keep going as a girl, hang out with girls, pretend to like guys, wear girls clothing. He wants to tell his family that he doesn't feel right. But his family says it's unnatural to be trans and wrong, even though he can't help how he feels.
    What I'm saying is, transgender is okay. It doesn't make a person bad, and it's just them being at peace with who they really are.

    And if you're one of the people who says, GOD made us the way we are for a reason! Well, God makes us? Then he must have made some people feel not at home in their bodies. He must have put some boys in girls bodies and girls in boys bodies. Was he trying to be mean? No. Maybe he was putting people to the test. Seeing if the boys and girls are brave enough to be who they are, and seeing if the other people are accepting enough to support it.

  • Its your life

    Personally, I can not deal with unintelligent people who say transgender is wrong, being gay is wrong, etc. People can not change the way they feel, such as, if they were born a male and don't feel correct in their own body or vice versa. People can live how they want get off their
    backs people!

  • It's in their heads.

    When have bodies ever mattered? Gender norms are a social construct, a pathetic means to box us in, to put sticky-notes on our foreheads and tuck us away into a folder labeled 'girl' or 'boy.' We aren't given a choice as we grow up. Children with vaginas are given pink bedrooms and dresses, while children with penises are given blue bedrooms and toy cars. From a young age, we are taught to think THIS IS RIGHT. THIS IS WRONG. By both our parents and our teachers. Transgender individuals have simply overcome this ideology. We should be proud of them rather than shun them the way we do.

  • I'm transgender and I'm totally normal

    I'm transgender, and there is NOTHING different between you and I. Does the fact that I'm happy bother you? Well if it does you are one sick human being to be mad at someone else's happiness. Also, I am a Christian, and I'd say I have pretty great morals. I don't sleep around, or do drugs, or anything! I am JUST TRYING TO BE HAPPY. That's all I want more than anything is to be happy

  • Trans* is not wrong

    Because being your self isnt wrong. The only wrong thing with Trans* peeps is if theyre rude or any other bad personality traits.. Like anything! If you use the excuse 'God made them that way' then please leave because then God made them a female/male who wished to be another gender.

  • Transgenderism is older than most people may think.

    Looking at Native Americans, these tribes had people who we now call transgendered. But these tribes saw them as two spirits in one body and were scared to the tribe they would often become healers or wise men. They call them Two Spirits.
    So how can this be morally wrong.

  • Transgender people are not morally wrong.

    People are free to identify themselves however they want. If someone born as a man or woman wants to change their sexual category, that is legal an acceptable. Doctors have identified the condition where people are born with the wrong physical gender. For this reason, they perform gender reassignment surgeries.

  • Not bad or good

    Being transgendered is not morally wrong some people really can not help themselves and they are who they are, so no it is not a bad thing nor is it a good thing because if you think about it look at all of the attention and stress that comes with it.

  • Being a Transgender person has nothing to do with good or bad !!

    One's true identity goes to the very core of one's soul. It's inherent before birth & transgenderism is locked to one's personality for life.
    It is therefore, a state of being ; the only choice for an individual is
    to hide their true self to avoid discrimination OR transition to a degree that reduces gender dysphoria. (society is what's wrong).
    It is a form of disability beyond choice ; subject to injury or insult just for being different ; yet the victim is questioned over morality ??

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Bragxnxall says2015-06-23T03:32:25.673
So, I suppose all of these people who answered yes must be smarter than several professionals in the medical and science field who all agree that transgendered people curable, or fixable with prayer. Rather, they are human beings like all of us and deserve more respect for following their hearts.
ioanarodica says2016-04-08T13:33:17.750
There are substantial grounds for reporting a significant portion of the above posts as being offensive and downright abusive.

I have been debating and teaching high-school and university debate for close to 15 years.

I am also very grateful for the valuable resource that this website purports to create - I know many of my students who are regularly researching and finding inspiration in the topics and arguments posted here.

I do identify as transgender and I welcome (and regularly encourage in my debating community) as many and as varied debate topics as possible in order to get the conversation going on this sensitive moral, political and scientific subject.

Therefore, for the sake of sparing the community of the plethora of gratuitous prejudices above and protecting the reputation of this important resource as a whole, I strongly suggest that this page be taken down and replaced with more appropriate motions creating a truly meaningful debate on this topic.

A few reasons below:

1. The framing of the motion suggests there might be moral connotations attached to someone's identity. It's like arguing whether "Being Black is morally wrong" or "Being Muslim is morally wrong".

2. While it is obvious that some people feel strongly against certain rights for transgender people - putting certain subjects up for debate sometimes just allows people a platform to voice their prejudices and hate, rather than contribute to advancing opinion on a subject. Some people might (sadly, more than a few) feel that "the Holocaust has contributed to the advancement of humanity", or that "segregation based on race is valuable for society" - these are however topics which educational debate should never encourage.

3. Many of the comments in the "yes" section are excellent examples of slurs and hate speech poring prejudice over an already strugling community, which would never be accepted were the topic about race, or other minorities. Things like - it's immoral because it's "disgusting", or "makes me sick", or "it's stupid".

Kindly also note that the photo illustration of the topic is extremely inappropriate as well. It reduces transgender issues to literally budoir politics, and objectifies the matter as a matter of genitals rather than identity. Not to mention the pure inconsistency between the moral ambitions of the topic and its entirely lude illustration.

I genuinly believe that quality debates can stem out of transgender issues - you can debate whether "HRT treatment should be made available to transgender teenagers", or whether "the transgender community should abandon the claim that being transgender is not a choice", or whether "the transgender community would be better off fighting the politics of gender binary, rather than seeking medical transition" or so many others.
Liam562 says2017-07-22T04:15:35.657
Transgerism is not morally wrong per se. But it is biologically wrong. I will not stand by and call someone a girl if they are really a boy it is nonsensical. I don't deny your humanity or rights. I have a question for some if I say I'm 60 does that automatically make me 60 years old? No it does not and we cannot do it with our gender. The ideology of transgenderism makes gender seem malleable and it isn't. If you have transgenderism I wish you Godspeed in getting the treatment you see fit but you're not a boy if you're a girl and vice versa.
RightJudgement says2018-04-11T12:36:09.177
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" - Albert Einstein.

I am disappointed when commentators choose to use their personal disgust or outrage, bigotry or bias, prejudice and ignorance, fear or religion as a basis for making an argument over a recognised human condition, which has been with us since the dawn of time.

The many arguments presented here made against transgender people demonstrate the sad reality that many of us are not emotionally, spiritually and intellectually mature enough to accept the existence of certain disabilities of mankind. People who are not prepared to accept certain realities of the imperfect and flawed human condition unless it is on their terms. And regrettably, those terms are usually detrimental to the peaceful and loving co-existence with those who's presence destroys their understanding of what it means to be a part of Man.

So, to those who seek to condemn transgenderism, here is a curious thing: - From one side of your mouth you will accept people with disabilities, mental and genetic disorders, and yet on the other side you will stumble on this one point! So then, let me ask you all something:
1. When dr.S cannot determine someone's sex either by professional observation or by their chromosomes, who's fault is it? And, who is to blame?
2. When dr.S intervene in a child's life to determine their sex for them, and the child/adolescent/adult disagrees, who's fault is it? And, who is to blame?
3. Or when governments take prisoners and forcibly transgender them. Who's fault is it? And, who is to blame?
4. And what if someone who is homosexual decides that they no longer want to continue to live their life in sin? Who's fault is it? And, who is to blame?
5. So, what does an adolescent do when they find their pubescent body changes in some significant way to the other sex, so that they are left mortified, distressed and confused? Who's fault is it? And, who is to blame?

Yet many of you will mercilessly spit spite, hate and condemnation towards a people you shamelessly refuse to know, care about or understand. You will condemn someone with “gender dysphoria,” who by your own words is a mental patient who needs treatment, but you are not willing to give them the surgeries they need to give them that peace of mind. No, you will refuse them every step of the way, but you will keep them on expensive medication for the rest of their lives. You will even condemn them when they do pay for their own surgeries, so that you will not let them live in peace. And, when they commit suicide -which they do - you will then say with satisfaction and justification that the surgeries which they did availed them nothing!

If you are Christians, you will not go and preach the gospel to them – because they are “always living in sin”. And, if they are in your churches when you discover them, you will throw them out for the same reasons, so how can they win?

If you own a business you will never give them work. And if you are in their company you will never love or befriend them, you will never let them in. No! You can laugh at them and mock them, you can give them all your scorn. But you will never listen to their sorrows, no! You will never hear them mourn.

However, we should not be blinded by governments, who have used Transgender issues to force through or coerce their communist agenda's to crush freedom of speech or stifle the freedom of expression.

Now, I know all of what I said to you is true, because I used to be bigot and an irrational man, I used to be someone as bad like you.