• Yeah they're real

    It's scientific consensus at this point that trans people exist, Are the gender they say they are and need to transition to stay sane and not commit suicide. We don't even know their chromosomes for certain. It doesn't matter I'm most cases about the chromosomes just the brain and gender identity.

  • Transgender people are as real as the multiple genders that exist

    Transgender people are just people who's gender doesn't match their sex, Or who change their sex and gender. Sex and gender are different things. Sex is what bits you have, Gender is what you identify as. Just beacuse you were born as something doesn't mean you identify as it. Don't compare changing your gender to changing your species or age, Beacuse they are not the same thing.
    Please respond to this with your opinion and an argument. I am writing a persuasive essay on this and would love to hear other's opinions.

  • Being trans is a real thing.

    Yes, Being trans is a real thing. Sure, The person will remain biologically as the sex they were born as, But hormones and surgery can help them look like the sex they want to identify as. And in reality, Being trans shouldn't matter; it is only a PART of their personality, It shouldn't be their entire personality.
    Being trans is just as real as having autism, Being gay, Or being cis. Please respect my opinion and I'll respect yours, As long as your opinion doesn't involve murder, Injury, Discrimination, Name-calling, Or the like.

  • Being trans has been validated by the medical community for years and the people who continue to deny the facts operate in bad faith.

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition, Or just commonly known as the Dsm5 is the end-all source for medical diagnostics for doctors. It states that body dysmorphia and transness have been declassified as mental illnesses and the shift in perspective came from the realization that body dysmorphia is not in the same vein as depression. Whereas depression is an illness that negatively affects you because of chemical imbalances and such. Body dysmorphia is simply the notion that a person is not comfortable in their body. If trans people are not valid than intersex people aren't either but the conservatives never want to address that either.

  • I am Trans

    Since I am trans I am living proof that transgender people exist. Even if it is a disorder, It still is a thing that exists. I know that people are stupid and don't like there to be new things, But gender is how you mentally are and how you physically are so there are six main genders. Male, Female, Trans Male, Trans Female, And Nonbinary for each of what you were born as.

  • Transgender Can Mean Different Things

    When somebody is transgender, It doesn't always mean that they get surgery to try to make them the opposite gender. I think that being transgender just means that you think that you were born the wrong gender and want to be thought of as the other gender! It isn't like they're changing who they are- they're just showing that who they are is different than the body they were born in. (I hope this is accurate- I'm sorry if I offend anyone because I don't know what transgender means, But this is my take on it. )

  • No its all imaginary

    You cannot edit your genes. You are still a man or woman.
    Why can't you change your race then?
    White people want to become native Americans and everyone gets angry when they do that.
    You can change your name to crying wolf and wear native clothing and tan your skin but you are not a native American.
    Any physiologist would label you with a mental disorder.

    But for trans people they can wear clothing have a name change and do so horrible body mutilation and every tells them how wonderful they are. I believe it is a mental disorder.

    You have to accept that you are a man or a woman. You do not have to like it but you have to accept what you are.

  • You cannot change your biology

    No matter what surgeries you can have, You cannot change your DNA or your chromosomes. Can you change your look, Action, And name? Absolutely! But can you 100% erase your identity and claim to be what you aren't? No! That's like if i claimed i was Kim Kardashian, But deep down, I know im just a guy who votes for polls on debate. Org

  • Just listen to your chromosomes

    You have 22 pairs of chromosomes that don't matter for gender, And one pair that you are ignoring, Despite the fact that it says EVERYTHING about your gender. THERE ARE TWO (OR THREE) GENDERS, Depending on whether you count intersex. PLEASE, LISTEN TO YOUR CHROMOSOMES. THERE ARE NOT ONE HUNDRED OR INFINITE GENDERS, MAXIMUM THREE!

  • Gender is not real.

    I made this point in a comment but reposting here. In this context it very much becomes a problem of what we mean when we say 'real'. If we assume there is a distinction between sex and gender, The former being based on some biological markers and the latter being a social construct, The question becomes is Gender real at all?

    If we accept Gender is a social construct then why would we delimit it to certain categories? Not just male, Female but even why limit it to the multiple other categories that have developed in recent years. Instead it suggests Gender is unbounded and you can choose to define your Gender with whatever characteristics or name you want. I think this is indeed a legitimate argument and restricting it to certain categories would become contradictory. But then this leads to the obvious question if Gender categories are essentially infinite, What purpose does Gender serve?

    And although I don't agree with the poster on the No side that you have to accept who you were born as, Their point on race still stands. Race is also a social construct, On what grounds can we argue that this social construct is not allowed to be appropriated while Gender is?

  • Trans is fake

    Trans i fake, And anyone that disagrees, Have a low iq. All other mammals are eather male or female. You are born the way you are and can not change it. Just need to live with what you have. I once had a friend who was a girl, But wanted to be a boy. But she knew she could not change it, So she became more happy.

  • The genes are only two

    We are living creatures, And all other living creatures are eater male, Or female. We are no different to the animals out in the wild. Their are only 2, And only 2. Anyone that disagrees, Anyone that says that being trans it a real thing, Has mental problem because all other species are eater one of the 2

  • Biology Isn't A Feeling

    Dysphoria is a real affliction, But its impossible to change your sex. You can't claim to "feel" like the opposite sex when you've never been it. These feelings are based off gender stereotypes due to social conditioning. Being uncomfortable with what's culturally expected of your sex doesn't mean you're trapped in the wrong body.

  • No but we must respect all people

    It is not real. You are your genes. In previous DSM editions these were disorders and THEY STILL ARE. It is not fair to those who are trans-whatever to believe this is not a disorder. But it is a free country and you can do as you wish, Just do not make it unscientific.

  • Dsm5 is a fraud

    Gay and trans people used to be labeled as a disorder by the very book you love.
    People went and bullied the writers to change it. It is not 100% factual. Now the same people want to bully the writers into labeling church goers and religious people as mentally ill.
    The DSM5 and beyond is fake. Its just says what people want it to say.

    You want an excuse for the way you are instead of accepting that you are a man or women. You cannot be "fluid" or multi gender. I cannot be black one day then switch to a 5 year old white girl and then a 60 year old Asian man. You are in the wrong and cannot accept that your are.

  • You are your body

    You are your body, People cannot detach their minds from it without dying. You are either born male or female because of your genetics, And your genetics create your body. Since your mind is attached to your body, Gender is attached to sex and you cannot separate them. There cannot be a male version of a female person or vice versa because the x chromosome has more base pairs then the y one, So if you were to hypothetically swap a chromosome it wouldn't just be like flipping a switch, You would have to determine traits that weren't there before or get rid of ones that were there so it wouldn't be you.

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SuperReader says2020-04-30T21:40:22.920
There was one other person who said no, But it was hate speech and got reported and taken down.
SuperReader says2020-05-07T23:34:06.310
By the way, I'm not the one who reported it.
Yamuna_Ventura says2020-09-03T04:11:04.373
Yes, It is real.

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