• Transgender goes against nature

    Not only does transgenderism go against Christianity but nature as well. When one changes their sex it results in the inability to reproduce. Humans were made to reproduce and all of nature does so. Although there are different forms of reproduction, such as laying eggs (sexually) or by binary fission (asexually). Nature as a whole represents the art of reproduction, and when that ability is taken away from a human it hurts not only nature but the population in whole.

  • People who suffer from gender dysphoria are mentally ill

    They are not "wrong" but rather sick. Sex and by extension gender are defined by the individual possessing either an XX or XY chromosome. A Man can become a women no more than a dog can become a cat. Individuals who feel that they were "born in the wrong body" suffer from gender dysphoria which is listed as a mental disease according to the APA. What we as a society should be focused on is who do we treat these people and should spend funding in that area. We do not celebrate Bi-polar disorder as being "brave" or revel in their personality traits. We treat it with therapy and medication. A similar path should be prescribed for Transgender individuals.

  • Morally wrong and rebellious. XX = Female XY = Male

    The Bible says that God created man male and female. To reject your God Given physical sex is to reject God and God hates that. Not that all transgenders go to Hell but it is wrong and should not be pushed on society because it will destroy the concept of the family! Look what it did to Kylie Jenner's dad!

  • Chromosome can not be changed which determine the sex/gender of a male or female.

    Regardless if one feels he or she is born in the wrong body ect. The fact still remains a person can not change their chromosomes (XY,XX) its not hate speech but rather the truth. That being said, its a mental disability.This is a sensitive topic however it should discussed with respect as well as honesty.

  • Transgenderism can not really be considered wrong.

    Transgenderism can not really be considered wrong.People who are transgender really believe they were born in the wrong body and often have different type of identity issues.They believe if they could just change their gender then everything would be ok and they would no longer have problems but would have a happy life.

  • No, people need to be themselves.

    Transgenderism is not a choice per se and therefore can not be morally wrong. Everyone who thinks it is needs to think about how they would feel if they were trapped in a body they felt was wrong for who they are inside. They would want to be able to express themselves on the outside as masculine or feminine to complete their internal attitudes.

  • Please just try to educate yourself about it, rather than making an assumption about it being "weird" or "wrong"

    Science, psychology, medicine all support the evidence that trans people HAVE to be treated - in terms of social expression and medically in most cases. Gender dysphoria was a term that was created to steer the public away from thinking it was a "mental illness."

    It's natural, because it's a legitimate condition of birth. There are intersex people, there is more than just XX and XY. The only reason people think it is wrong is because they don't understand it.

    Religion tears people apart over some pretty trivial shit. God loves everyone, no matter what. If you had a son who naturally liked butterflies, would you lock them up in an isolation room for the rest of their life? No. God doesn't send people to hell, that's entirely contradictory to the idea of a kind, loving creator.

  • Everyone has their own rights and opinions!

    Some people don't feel that they were born in the correct way, and may plead this. This is perfectly acceptable and is in no way a sin by any means. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and people shouldn't be shunned and put down based on what they believe in. Just look at the history of such events, such as blacks and women. They are given equal rights, as they should be. So come on, there is no reason to get at someone for what they stand for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with such beliefs, and I support any people who believe that they aren't who they really are deep down.

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